The Sunday reset

A productively lazy weekend. But let’s recap the last weekend. It was Labor Day weekend, and I took Tuesday off also. I knew many would take Friday off and I felt like I would get more done if I did, and I sure did!

I had plans to clean out / reorganize the garage and I got that done. I even sold some of the mismatched plastic totes and one of the wire racks. It’s amazing what your mood does when you pull into a clean and organized garage! I got most of my laundry done AND put away – which is a huge feet for me. Tuesday was pretty laid back, and restful!

Working a 3-day week was pretty nice. I am finally doing my allergy shots at home now, so Thursday night I did them myself without supervision or anything! I decided to do them in the evening so I could wait for the half hour to see if I reacted bad [I’m on maintenance now but still a chance to react] and then popped a few Benadryl and went to bed. It was so much better, itch wise for me. I will continue it!

Thursday night Moxie and I went to the dog park for the first time. I started off just in the small dog area – where no one else was but she loved it after running for about 45 minutes.

I ran to Costco with my neighbor / friend, Jaimie on Friday after work, the wild and crazy women we are! I really didn’t need much but they have great prices on fruit; and managed to have $100 worth of stuff in the cart.

Moxie and I were up pretty early for the day, so after a walk I took her out to the dog park again and ventured to the side where all dogs can go. She did so good Had to give her a bath when we got home because it was dewey but she was exhausted!

I did a little more grocery shopping at HyVee on Saturday to get most of what I needed. I came home and cleaned out the fridge and pantry while I put groceries away. I watched the Lularich documentary and holy crap, I feel terrible for those consultants! It’s everything Scentsy is not.

Mom came up this morning and we went to the dog park again but didn’t stay on the all dog side for long. Moxie can hold her own with the bigger dogs but some are just too big for her! After Mom left I ran into Target for a few things – sometimes I can get cheaper groceries there. So I picked up a few things I didn’t get at HyVee, and then came home and napped. Moxie and I have been pretty lazy this evening.

I have a load of laundry in the dryer that needs folded but all the dishes are done and put away. I’ve got an idea of what I’ll have for meals this week. I’m not a good meal planner but I decided it’s better for me to see what I have and make a list of 5 or 6 options in my planner and stick with that.

I am hopeful to stick to this so I can save some money. I’m just trying to be a bit more mindful of what I am spending on food, be it in groceries for fast food. I am determined to build up the savings a bit more than it is.

I think I’m going to continue this lazy weekend by watching something on TV or scrolling TikTok for a few hours.

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