eventful 48 hours…

It has been a wild last few days.

I dropped Moxie off just after 8 at the vet on Wednesday morning for her spay surgery. They are open until 8 pm and I knew we weren’t first on the list. I got a text about 1:45 it started then not quite an hour later that she did well and is in recovery. I couldn’t pick her up until 6:45. I got there, got her medicine, paid and got my drunken puppy! Because surgery was only a few hours prior to my picking her up they said she’d be pretty tired and out of it Wednesday night.

She was wobbly when walking. She didn’t potty outside but did go on the potty pad. I knew she was out of it too much to worry about putting the donut collar on here, but I did put the surgery recovery suit on here; she fell asleep on my pillow so I moved her to the crate. She didn’t stir all night. They warned me she might be restless and a little whiny.

We got up about 6:45ish. She was still pretty out of it. She did potty outside but wouldn’t eat anything and was very lethargic. She got sick to her tummy. After the third time of her puking I sent my cousin a message and asked “what point do I call the vet?” He told me to just call. She got sick a few more times, the last one while I was on the phone with them. They asked me to bring her in right away.

As soon as we got there they took her back and had her checked out, and she was going to get IV fluids and nausea meds via IV. They said to come back in about 45 minutes, so I went and grabbed lunch then came back. They decided to keep her for the afternoon, ended up giving her more fluids and pain meds; she hadn’t ate so they wanted her to try and eat there. They texted about 3 to ask if I was okay with getting her X-rays. I said to go ahead. I went and picked her up at 4ish. The X-rays were good, they were looking to see if either her esophagus was enlarged or smashed. Neither was the case, it all looked good.

So just a case of her body not liking the original pain meds, causing her to throw up [which I learned she was regurgitating, meaning it just falls out of her mouth] which caused her to be dehydrated and her esophagus to be irritated.

I got 5 more meds and we were on our way home. They told me she would likely throw up one more time cuz of the car ride and they were right. We got her home and settled. She wouldn’t eat or drink, and after a while after trying everything, she finally ate when I fed her some ground turkey and scrambled eggs by hand. I was desperate and finally she was eating. Then I was able to give her all the meds and she took them very well! We crawled in bed and I was going to put her in the crate but she stayed cuddled up next to me all night. I am guessing as she starts to feel better I will have to put her in the crate to sleep so she’s doesn’t go wild!

She woke up this morning a lot better than yesterday, still no puke, and she acted much more alert! We went out and went on a very slow walk around the block but she was able to potty, then she took all her meds.

The vet told me to bring her back in today for observation – which made me feel much better about going back to work, so she went in a little after 8 and my boss is going to pick her up before they close at 5:30 for me! I won’t be home tile about 5:45.

I am looking forward to a laid back weekend, and a few naps. I am exhausted today. I could fall asleep at my desk.

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