Vacation, home ownership, and more!

Family vacation was just what we needed; a lot of relaxing, a lot of beach time, some pool time. The best thing we did was come home Saturday afternoon so we had two nights in our own bed, and all day Sunday to recoup.

Last week seemed like a blur with trying to work through all the emails from being off for a week, surging in Covid cases and just trying to get back in a rhythm.

I had a cleaning lady come while I was on vacation so that was nice to not have to worry about doing much housework last week. I had caught up on all my laundry prior to leaving so I didn’t have much to do when I got back. But now it’s reality, back to all the house stuff.

I haven’t had to do much cleaning, just the usual, dishes, laundry, tidying up.

I had a pretty low key weekend. I am asking for overhead storage shelves for my birthday and Christmas, instead of having wood shelves built along a wall in my garage [lumber is expensive and this will be a better solution] so I picked up a few storage totes from Fleet Farm [they were cheapest!] so I will have all matching ones. I might need to get a few more. I actually brought them into my house so I can start going through tubs and sorting appropriately.

I pulled out a few fall decorations, the warmers will be arranged this evening! I’ve never really decorated for fall, and not much for Christmas, but now that I have my own house, it feels more appropriate. I’m trying to not buy all the things but just slowly add to my collection. I was still getting settled last fall so this is my first fall decorating the house.

My front entry way closet is the catch all for everything so I reorganized that and got a few things moved and rearranged in there – hopefully it’ll be a bit more practical. I cleaned up my front door, I swept and used the leaf blower to clean it up. I have a milk crate shelf thing that my Dad made for me, it’s currently a greyish color but I think I want to spray paint it a brownish / walnut color. I just need to find a color I like.

My goal before the end of the year is to get some artwork / decor on the walls mostly on the main floor. I have a spot upstairs that would be the prefect spot for a mirror. The office I’d like something as well, but I’m not sure what I want.

Moxie is getting spayed on Wednesday, so I’ve taken Thursday off. Hoping to find a friend to maybe swing by mid-day on Friday to let her out to potty and make sure she’s doing okay.

I’ve started a new list of ‘things to do around the house, project wise’ like a few electrical outlets I would like installed.

Almost a year later and still trying to make this house my own!

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