A week before vacation.

We are to leave for Florida next Saturday. A trip we rescheduled from last August. While all of us adults are vaccinated I cannot help but worry about it. It seems to be an epicenter right now for the Delta Covid variant. And on top of that, it’s red tide. But it looks like we might be on the up and up, and we have an entire week yet. We can find a clean beach around! I found a guy who does a YouTube about the area talking about it and he seems pretty postive!

Yesterday I got the bug to organize. First I had to run some cardboard to the recycle center. I got the upstairs bathroom cupboards done, and the linen closet. I got most of my laundry done [AND PUT AWAY!] I kind of lost steam as the afternoon went on.

My neighbor was at work and I said I would let her pup out, but instead I just brought her over to my place and the dogs kept themselves occupied so I was able to get a lot done without a puppy underfoot!

This morning Moxie went to get groomed at 8, so I picked up a grocery order, and got to work on making dog food. I got my pantry cleaned out and organized. Had to take a break to go pick her up. Next I am going to do the front door entry closet and get the dog food finished. Then I think I’m going to bust out the suit case. I’ve been trying to grab things here and there that I need, toiletries wise, so I think I’m making progress.

I am very much that person who cleans up prior to vacation so when I come home everything is clean. I’m totally spoiling myself by having a cleaning lady come when I am gone, so I’m mostly tidying up vs cleaning. I’ll leave that to her!

I think I will break out the suitcase and start a little packing. I have been making a pile of things already. I need to get a few things packed up for Moxie going to Carol’s house.

I’ve been listing to the Up And Vanished podcast and am almost done with the first season. Okay I gotta get some things done so I can maybe take a nap this afternoon!

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