Another month flew by!

Somehow it’s already the end of July! I don’t even know where to start.

I got my office rearranged and set up in a way I feel is functional for me, and I love it. I want to get some art on the walls – but not too much. I really don’t have much on ANY walls.

Speaking of home decor, I had a canvas print of Moxie made I have yet to hang. I have a few other spaces I’d like to get some art hung up — just need to find something. I don’t really even know what I’m looking for.

I have made friends with one of the neighbors. It’s nice to have someone close to my age right next door. She’s got a 1 year old pup, Moxie enjoys playing with. I watched her for a day last week.

The virtual Scentsy convention wrapped up on Friday. We’re going to Salt Lake City next year, we were supposed to be there in 2020, but obviously due to Covid, we could not attend in person. I’m excited to get to actually go and explore.

A week ago I slipped in the shower [just call me Grace] and caught myself before I fell but twisted my back so weird. I ended up going to the chrio and have been feeling much better. I’ve been three times, and to get a massage and we’re moving in the right direction. It was actually my pelvis that is out of whack; but I’m in good hands. One more appointment this week. I definitely need to get better at keeping a routine visit with him.

My new glasses came in, and I’m finally getting used to them. I’m still not sure about my prescription sunglasses. They just fit a little weird but the do the trick. I think I need to get them adjusted again.

I planted 4 tomato plants in pots on my deck and they are doing well. I have a regular tomato plant, two yellow cherry plants and one cherry plant. I’ve only harvested the yellow ones and a few of the cherry ones, but I have have much fruit on the vines that I think in the next week or so! Of course we’ll be heading to Florida in a few weeks… I’m going to have to ask the neighbor to help with watering them. Over the weekend I was watering daily, twice on Saturday!

Moxie is doing well. You know, spoiled as all get out! She’s getting groomed on Sunday — I think I’m going to have her buzzed again. I love her hair the length it is now, but I think she will enjoy it shorter throughout August with the heat. Then I’ll just let her go, other than trims through the winter.

I am notoriously an over packer so I’m going to get the suit case out and on the bed this week and just start getting things ready.

I have hired the cleaning lady who did the final clean at my condo to do my house when I’m on vacation. My mom uses her and trusts her. I have been wanting to do this but then I got Moxie and I don’t want her bugging the cleaning lady! It will work out great because Moxie will be at Mrs. C.’s. I am not a slob at all. I just would love if someone who enjoys it could do the bathrooms really well, dust, and that crap! Plus it might be something I could have her come back every few months.

Moxie’s getting spayed + chipped at the end of August. I can finally get her licensed in town, and then get a membership to the dog park in town. And eventually get her into doggy day care like once a month! Which would work out perfect for me to take her there if I have the cleaning lady come back!

How awesome will it be to come home to a clean house!?

My heart is in a much better place knowing Moxie will be with Mrs. C and her pup while we are gone, and we will be busy with pool, beach, family time when we are gone, plus not being at home will help too. I know she will be spoiled and get a lot of playtime in. I just worried about and missed her so much when she was at training – but I know I will get pictures and text updates!

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