How is it almost July!?

The day off last week in the middle of the week was just what I needed. I got a lot of stuff done, a lot! Everything on my list except the vinyl on the skinny window next to my front door. It wasn’t that I couldn’t have done it, I’m still not sure if I want it. It was like $7 from Amazon, but Moxie sure likes to look out of it. A neighbor down the street has the exact pattern that I bought and it goes all the way to the bottom. I kind of want Moxie to be able to look out. Maybe I just need to go the curtain route. I just feel like I want a little privacy.

I was able to swing in and order some new glasses and for the first time ever prescription sunglasses before tackling the list. I’ve had the same style of frames for about 12 years, it was time to mix it up. I’m not 100% sure I like the frames I picked but it will be okay. I love love love the sunglasses I picked out.

Over the weekend I got my outdoor security camera installed and a shelf in the garage above my deep freeze. I’ll use that for some pantry-type overstock stuff that doesn’t need to crowd up inside. Things like my 4 1/2 pound bags of extra dog food, paper towels, baggies [I stupidly bought some at Costco]

My new computer came in so I have intentions of getting that swapped out. I think I have everything backed up on my current one. I have some stuff that needs organized a bit yet in my office. Mostly just getting it all situated where I want it. I’m moving the filing cabinet into my spare room because I just don’t access it much. I tuck stuff away in there and don’t really get into it after. Just gotta save stuff for however many years for tax purposes.

I’m really working on utilizing the stuff I buy and donating, selling or pitching what I’m not using. Since I moved I just realized I don’t want the clutter, even in the closets and cupboards. It’s a work in progress. I am finding myself still thinning out closets and cupboards.

It’s the last week of the fiscal year and as of Friday we were “done” with all of our stuff. Didn’t even have to chase things. It’s the first year we’ve experienced this and I kinda like it! Now it seems like we are just coasting until July 1st.

I do not have any solid plans this weekend. There’s a concert at First Ave I might go to Friday evening but I wont be bummed if I don’t go. I’m contemplating a quick run to one of the IKEA’s outside of Chicago on Saturday but I’m not sure I want to go on my own. I’ve only been talking about this for months! We shall see.

Moxie seems to be feeling better. I would say her energy is back. She’s not coughing anymore. Just a few more days and she can go back to socializing. But I can’t really send her to doggy day care until she’s spayed. But in time!

Here’s to another productive week

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