Productive weekend.

I spent most of all day Saturday and Sunday afternoon rearranging + purging the office. In my stupidity I pushed one of the desks to move it, and it was the bookshelf side vs the metal leg side and I broke it. I was pissed at myself at first, but then realized I can do with one of the two desks. I moved stuff around a few times but I have a little more situating to do.

I had tackled the spare bedroom closet awhile ago, but after moving a few things around in my bedroom closets I was able to move a few things around there. The bedroom closets are about mostly done. It felt good to go through again, a year later and purge some clothes and get things straightened out. I have a plan for them still that I am hopeful to tackle tonight or tomorrow night. But I can live with it if I don’t’ get around to it.

I have Wednesday off, and have a friend coming to help with some things that just need two people to do, but some are just things on my list of stuff to do that do not take two people.

  • hang whiteboard in office
  • remove curtain rod from window in office
  • install privacy vinyl on skinny window next to front door
  • change / reset garage code
  • change bulbs on outside lights
  • hang shelf in main floor bathroom
  • hang corner shelves in office [if they arrive on time]
  • remove old floating shelf + hang new one in office [if it arrives on time]
  • wash out trash cans with hose
  • go through linen closet, reorganize + purge

All weekend I put off cleaning the kitchen, it’s the first thing I will do tonight. All of my laundry is done and mostly put away – which is a huge victory for me.

I have lived in this house a little over 9 months, crazy to think! It was about a year ago that we got the note that we were not going to have budget cuts, so I put in my application for the home loan. I have rearranged quite a few cupboards + closets since moving in. I’ve only rearranged one room [the office] but slowly I’m making it feel like mine. And I am certain that there will be more rearranging + organizing + purging in the months and years to come.

I just really wish the cost of lumber +would go down so I could get a wall of shelves for my garage and I would feel much better about the garage! But baby steps…

I definitely could have used another Sunday of getting all the things done, but Wednesday will work just fine.

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