What a week.

I was supposed to get Moxie from training on Sunday morning, but they asked for one more day, so I arranged to pick her up Monday after work. I had Shawn’s son for the weekend, and had to take him to drop him off with his Grandma. I was little lost and bummed when I get home, thinking I was going to get Mox.

I decided to dive into all the things I said I was going to do during the week when she was gone that I didn’t get done. I vacuumed, cleaned the kitchen, tidied up the spare room and started in on my closets in my bedroom. I had made some progress on the big one, and still have the small one to tackle.

I felt pretty good going into the week … I should have known!


Mom’s surgery was bumped back to a 9:30 check in, so I was going to meet her at the main entrance and walk her back then walk her back to Uncle Brian’s truck when she was done. Another surgery on her eyes, outpatient. Joe was at a doctor appointment, and cooking at the restaurant.

Dad had called me a little after 8:30 to tell me Aunt Joanne fell and broke her leg, would need surgery. So after I walked Mom to hers, I stopped by the Day of Surgery area and they said I wasn’t on the list. Luckily she wasn’t in surgery yet, so I got to talk to her. Her surgery went well.

I picked up Moxie at training after work, she wasn’t as hyper as I expected her to be but sure was good to see her. She was a little extra whiny. I noticed she was sneezing a lot, so I gave her a quick bath when we got home, she played a little and was asleep by 7. She slept hard, training must have taken it out of her.


Moxie slept so hard, that I had to wake her up! She was kind of pokey on the walk and was sneezing again. I thought for sure it was allergies. She was eating some, but she’s a picky eater. I got to work and it was chaotic. A meeting I was slated to take minutes for in someone’s absences was cancelled before the person was on vacation, then it was added back. Lots of things just hit the fan this day.

I got to go see Aunt Joanne – she was in good spirits.

When I got home from work Moxie was excited to see me and not jumping up like she normally would; woohoo training! She was doing this weird sneezing thing a lot. I have a 25 second video. I just assumed it was a reverse sneeze that’s common in small dogs. She was asleep early again!


Moxie had to be woken up again this morning. She had another sneezing fit on our walk. Work was chaotic. I was checking out in the cafeteria getting my morning Pepsi and the cashier told me to have a nice Wednesday and I was heartbroken. I thought it was Thursday. I think that set the precedence for the rest of the week.

I noticed Moxie was still super tired, still sneezing, still just not quite herself. I asked on the Bichon Poodle group, shared the video and the first few comments told me it was kennel cough. I was like hell no, she’s been vaccinated. [Did you know there are many strains!?] Some told me it was allergies, just give her Benadryl. I felt horrible. Her eyes were watering like crazy and she just looks like she doesn’t feel good.


I got into work, was telling Lela about Moxie. I called my vet, they couldn’t get me in, and said I needed to call the vet hospital. Called them, they said since she is eating, drinking, going potty and doesn’t have green gunk coming from her eyes that it’s not emergent and I could save money by just getting in with my regular vet for an appointment for meds. I called back and they couldn’t get me in until the end of next week. I was a little pissed. One I am a customer, do you not give a fuck!? Kennel cough is highly contagious.

I called a few vets offices in NL, one I had checked with when I first got Moxie and they weren’t taking new clients cuz of Covid, the other, was able to get me in, an hour and 15 minutes later! I left work, picked up Moxie and we were seen. This clinic just moved to a new building the day before. They were INCREDIBLE. She does indeed have kennel cough, we got meds, and headed home. I got a dose in her and headed back to work. Yes, I let the folks at the training center know immediately.

She played a little at night when I got home but still conked out pretty early, and slept hard and had to be woke up. Usually she hears my alarm and is licking my face! We had a pretty lazy night and went to bed early.


I grabbed bagels from Panera on my way into work today. I get my allergy shots Friday mornings and drive in a different way. It sounds like my aunt is getting moved to a nursing home today, so I don’t know if I need to help with anything.

I’m hopeful to finish the big closet tonight and maybe dig into the smaller closet.

I have been talking for a few months now that I want to re arrange my office — and I’m thinking that this weekend I am going to tackle that. I have no plans until lunch on Sunday.

I have a lot of little things that I need help with getting done but until I can find someone to help or hire someone to do so, they are on the backburner!

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