Scentbird and more

When I moved I didn’t bring any of my perfume, I just haven’t found one I really like. It might smell good in the store, but I am very much a wear it and see how it smells on you kind of person. And if I’m at a TJ Maxx, or Kohl’s smelling a bunch I never think to spray some on me, and figure out how I like it for the day then go back and buy if I like it.

I saw someone on YouTube talking about this program, Scentbird and you get to pick up to 3 per month samples, which are far bigger than a regular, bigger than a tube of Chapstick. Anyways, I tried it out and did 3 per month, I’ll probably knock it back after a month or two, but you fill out a quiz and pick you profile.

They showed up last night. The one I have on today, I kinda like. There was one of the bunch I didn’t care for in the bottle and the other was just eh. I will try them on me though. If anything, it’s fun.

Anyways, I wanted to share if you wanted to try:

No surprise, I’m going to write about Moxie. I dropped her off at puppy training for a week on Saturday. It was a little sad but it didn’t kick in until Saturday evening. I did not realize how much I needed and loved her companionship. I heard from the trainer on Sunday afternoon that she’s “the life of the party” which is not a surprise!

I am not sure if I get her back Saturday or Sunday – he said he might keep her an extra day or two depending on if they are in a groove and if she needs a little more. I really miss her! Although I couldn’t have picked a better week because the new roof is being put on so there are people out the front door — she won’t be barking at them like crazy!

I have selfishly enjoyed not having to get home right after work. On Monday I went to Washington to pick up a bike! I tried like crazy to buy one last spring / summer with no luck; thanks to Covid. When I switched to looking to buy a house, purge, pack and move I put it on hold. The last handful of week I started back up – I had 3 orders complete then cancel. Finally worked out Monday.

Last night after work I got a massage. Tonight I’m finally going to tackle some of the to-do list I had planned to do without a puppy at my feet, and get my house ready to have Shawn’s son for the weekend.

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