A Monday-ish Tuesday

It was nice to have a long weekend. I had a busy day yesterday. I stopped by my Dad’s to drop off their Scentsy. Moxie got to run around out there — she loved it!

After that I went to Mom’s and we went down to the Memorial Day service in town. Moxie did so good, she ate a chewy during the majority of it. I knew they were getting ready to do the gun salute, so I had her in my arms and was covering her ears as best I could. She jumped at the first shot, but did well for the rest.

After that we went to lunch, and then headed home. Moxie went straight up to my bedroom so we took a nap. She had a big day so she was exhausted.

I noticed the new neighbor had pulled in and I happened to be out with Moxie about the same time. I’m not sure about her age but she grew up in SE Iowa, lived in Sacramento for 10 years and is back. She has a dog — I’m not sure what kind but smallish. I’m excited to get to know them.

I slept like shit last night, likely because of the 2 hour nap we took a little too late in the afternoon.

I’ve really been thinking lately that it’s time to cover up the tattoo on my left foot, yes, the one that says Yee Yee. It just doesn’t suit me anymore. I don’t know what the hell I was thinking at the time. More and more the posts of this artist leans a little too far one way than I side with and it’s just time to cover it up. The problem is… I don’t know what I want and what I can pick to cover it up. I am leaning towards a stack of books – but I’m not sure how it would work out. I guess I just need to reach out to a tattoo artist and see what we can do. I obviously would need to save a little for it. Time will tell.

I also really want to rearrange my office. I need better lighting in there – in that I would likely need to buy a lamp of some sort. I dunno, I might do that this weekend after I drop Mox off at training on Saturday morning. We shall see.

My head is full of all the things but no motivation to do them.

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