Interesting news in the adoptee world; in Iowa

On Saturday my preferred news station; KCRG had posted “Some people in Iowa who have been adopted can access their original birth certificates under a new state law” I obviously clicked the link and it was stating that if you were born before 1971; you could request your original birth certificate. I was kind of bummed but also hopeful for what is to come. Only 11 years away. I had commented on the FB post as such and yesterday afternoon a few people commented with a link that, indeed I can! I just have to wait until January 1st. Just 222 days. Yes, I did just look that up.

I’m merely including the link for myself to be able to come back to this!

While I do know their names, it will be a great piece of “me” to have. It doesn’t change anything.

I am still needing to get a certified copy of my adoption paperwork. I don’t know what I would need it for, other than I just want it. Mom thought Dad had it, and vice versa. Somehow it’s lost.

I really need to figure out what all I need to get that and get on it.

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