A post that’s not about my puppy.

I know I write + share a lot about Moxie. If you don’t like it, keep scrolling.

On May 9th I celebrated 10 years of being a Scentsy Consultant. Crazy to think about it, really. I just thought it was a safer alternative to candles and better for my epileptic self. I never knew it would become what it is. Not the money aspect, but the lifelong friendships I have made through Scentsy. I talk to a few almost daily through the Marco Polo app. These friends are not anywhere close, Oklahoma and well, as of yesterday Seattle (via the LA area!) The crazy thing is we don’t “talk shop” all that much, we share a lot about our lives and the day to day happenings.

This year I went pretty big with a special – if you are interested and it’s still May, shoot me a message and I can share. Because it’s a personal special I have to keep it private.

I am sad, but understanding that this years annual convention is virtual again. However, I think as we are starting to open back up and those who chose to do so, can get vaccinated; I think we’re easing back to whatever normal was. I am looking forward to gathering wherever the location is for the 2022 convention!

In other news, life has been pretty boring on the home front. I planted a few tomato plants yesterday — I get a lot of sun on my deck out back so that’s where they will live. Just going to try it out this year and see how it goes.

I’ve requested a quote from a few people to get my hallway painted. A friend who helped do the downstairs was able to do it, but there’s about 2 inches from the ceiling that need painted yet. Of course neither he nor I thought of it. I’m just going to hire to have it all redone. If only someone would get back to me! I don’t have the special ladder needed to go above the stairs.

I had a chest freezer delivered from Costco a week and a half ago. I don’t have much in it yet, as I wasn’t going to shop to fill it, but I love knowing I have it when needed.

Concerts are starting back up. I am loving that bigger names are coming to somewhat smaller venues. We’ve got some fun shows coming up at First Avenue Club; but I always love shows there! Mostly I’m glad that Ned can get back in the swing of things!

Pretty pumped for the Florida trip in August. I really need to start tanning. I know it’s terrible for my skin but I need to get a base. I just need to make a point to do it. I think I’m going to attempt to come home from work, walk the pup [yep, I talked about her!] then head back out and tan, then come home and do whatever for the evening.

Exciting HOA news, the new roof + siding will be starting today. It’s a bit dreary and rainy so I’m not sure if it will actually start today. I think it’ll be a bit before they get to my place but pretty pumped it’s even happening. I realize I am not responsible for the roof + siding, but it’s a good feeling knowing that my new to me house that’s only 11 years old is getting new!

I have to admit, the only thing “older” in my place is the dyer and the air conditioner. I am hopeful that I can get the dryer that matches my washer sometime before the end of the year in a sale… though it’s not really needed or dire yet, it would be nice, so I’ve been tucking some money away for that. I know the AC will go out sometime likely in the years I am living here … I can live being cold, but I cannot live being hot! I’m starting a savings for this as well. Yay, adulting!

I wish I had something more exciting to write, but… living in a pandemic doesn’t provide for much excitement.

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