A Moxie update.

A long overdue post. A week and a half ago, on the 5th I took Moxie to the vet to be spayed. I was pretty nervous. I knew she was in great hands, the doctor who would be doing her surgery is my boss’ friend and neighbor from her last house!

I got a text not long after I got to work asking if she had been in heat yet. I replied back no, not that I know of. They said they noticed a little discharge but it wasn’t much, she wasn’t swollen. They wanted me to know but they advised going forward with surgery. I left it up to them and said yes. An hour later, a call. I totally expected this to be the “we are done” call. Instead it was that they were on the table to start anesthesia, and they noticed that her heat cycle had advanced a bit more than they would like. I guess if they do surgery when they are in heat there’s a much higher risk for major blood loss. I had to change things around at work, but I was able to leave at 1ish to go pick her up. She was SO calm. I’m guessing that they had given her something to calm down.

This threw a wrench in my plans for the next two days off. I ended up working til 1:30 on Thursday then off to go to my doctor’s appointment, then I was off on Friday. I had arranged for the delivery of my chest freezer that day and at the time I didn’t have the window of time. I had coverage at work so it was just fine.

We are now a week and a half into heat – I think the worst is behind us. I took her to Mom’s on Mother’s Day and it was the first time I put her in the diaper… not because of the bleeding but moreso because of the others. She has been doing amazing at keeping herself cleaned up. I would assume if I didn’t have her spayed the more she goes through them the worse they are. I have noticed the swelling seems to be going down some, not much — it’s still pretty swollen.

This also put a wrench in the dog training — which was supposed to start today but I postponed it til June, didn’t want to chance anything! Thankfully I was able to schedule to get her groomed next Saturday. VERY much needed. Her puppy fuzz needs to go. I love her longer but she’s getting matted and I can’t keep up.

All last week she was much more sleepy and a whole lot more clingy. Now she’s just a humping machine. Everything I have read says 9 days to 3 weeks.

I think we’re finally getting on a schedule for potty time. We get up and go on a walk around the block first thing in the morning and right away when I get home from work. I try to do this – at least let her out right when I get home from being gone. There are hardly any accidents when I get home from work.

Just need to work on the eating thing. It’s so inconsistent. She eats the food I make in bulk for her, but rarely when I set it down for her. She wasn’t eating the dry food very well. I had bought the kind the breeder was using; but switched at the vet’s suggestion and she was eating that pretty well too. Now it seems she won’t touch it. I wish I could get her to eat on a better schedule.

The night before what was to be her surgery I put almost all her toys in the little toy trunk. I left the two bigger stuffed toys out, and three others. I have yet to get them out and I am totally okay with it. There are still toys + chewies everywhere. But she has plenty to keep her occupied.

I got an email in the middle of the week from the breeder where I got her that they have another litter due in about 3 weeks. I am glad I checked that box, but also right now is not a good time. I let them know that MAYBE the next litter. With the Florida trip in August… I do not need to have a new puppy in the mix. I told myself I wouldn’t get another until I sold this place and bought a house with a back yard that was mine, that I could fence in if it wasn’t already — but that won’t be for a few years. Part of me wants another to keep her company but part of me wants it to just be me and her for a while. She’s a handful as is! I know the training will do her good.

I loved Turbo, but the love I have for Moxie is a whole other level. I know I post a million pictures of her on social media — and my goodness, if I didn’t have the Instagram account just for her I think I’d post a lot more. I try to tone it down on my personal accounts. I feel like she is the equivalent of a mom with a new baby…. oversharing. I figure people will unfriend or unfollow me if it’s too much.

We are still living through a pandemic, I’m still being pretty cautious even though much of the restrictions are being lifted and the world is opening back up… I’m just still staying home so that just means it’s me and Mox.

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