Oh Moxie Monster

Moxie is a few days shy of 8 months. She is having surgery to get spayed and chipped on Wednesday. When I first got her, she was a day shy of 2 months, and I had signed up for a “puppy kindergarten” class. It was in person for an hour two days and on Zoom for two days. It wasn’t so great. She enjoyed the socialization of the in person / drop off classes.

Then a few months ago my boss and I took our pups to a well known local trainer for a semi-private class, just her and I. Moxie did great in the class but not so much at home. We still practice and fail. Though we are not practicing near as much as we should be each night. She’s getting better at walking on the leash but still runs until the leash clicks.

I feel like I am failing terribly at obedience. I want her to be a good dog, to know her name [which sometimes I think she does, other times I do not. I think it’s because I call her sis, Moxie Girl, and need to be consistent with just Moxie!] and not jump on everything. Everyone has been reminding me “she’s just a puppy”, yes but she also needs to know sit a bit better than she does, stay, no, and definitely needs help with the jumping thing!

I would say she’s about 85% housebroken. The crate training thing did not pan out, though she prefers to eat her dry food from her crate. I feel like after he surgery when I will need to keep her from jumping, she will be in the crate often, and I’m a bit hopeful that we can restart the crate training.

I had reached out to the second trainer we went to for some help – but no response, then I found another trainer locally who does an 8 day training course where she would stay with them, and the price is great, considering others I had looked at. This trainer has 15 years of experience. I have sent an email to see which they think is the best choice. Obviously we will have to wait until after she’s healed from surgery but I feel hopeful.

Moxie is going to stay with my high school English teacher the week we are in Florida in August, at Mrs. C’s instance! But I cannot stand the thought of her being a terrible dog, jumping up, jumping on things, not listening… to the point of, if I can’t get her into training I’m thinking of going the boarding route because it doesn’t feel right to have Mrs. C take on my terribly trained puppy. I know people have big feelings about boarding a dog, too. I have found a local place that has amazing reviews, and it’s very near. My boss actually takes her pups for doggy day care to get some energy out and for socialization.

I just know I have to do something.

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