Spring cleaning

The last few weeks I’ve been cleaning + reorganizing. The laundry room update gave me some more cupboard space for a few other things, so my spare room needed to be gone through. I had mostly just put tubs and stuff in there when I moved in and forgot about it. It was nice to go through it and make some room.

My bedroom closets still need some love, they haven’t really been organized and I have some space to utilize, and my hall linen closet. I think this will change some due to the laundry room cupboards and the bedroom storage. We shall see. This is on my plan of attack for the weekend. If I’m still feeling up to it. I left work yesterday about 3:15 because these allergies are kicking my ass… I’m hopeful it won’t turn into a sinus infection, but time will tell.

My office. I have a love hate relationship with where my computer is located, but sadly my desk is not an actual L-shaped desk, I put two desks together, so sitting the computer in the corner, while ideal I’d be startling the metal bar. I don’t have the best light with my overhead light and by the time I’m usually working in my office it’s evening, so I need to add some different lighting.

I am don’t like my EC Wall Command Center. I never should have bought it, but I especially do not like where it is located, I basically don’t use it. When I had a magnetic dry erase board from Hobby Lobby or somewhere I used it often at my old place, based on where it was in relation to my desk! I’m toying with rearranging my office a bit to make it more functional for me.

My office closet needs some love too, but I feel like I need to attack the desk portion first. If I were smart and not so damn impatient I would have just bought a different desk. I love having the accent chair in here, for looks really but it doesn’t serve much purpose. I really want to move my file cabinet out of here as it just doesn’t match the esthetic but I don’t want to “take away” from closet space. It might get moved into the spare room. Just lots of ideas really. I’m really trying hard to not look at desk configurations on IKEA, and use what I have…

I just need to resituate stuff on my desk to give it some life and move some stuff that I don’t reach for often. This definitely will be a project for the time off after Moxie’s spay surgery in May! Her surgery is Wednesday the 5th, so I’ll drop her off before work, leave work a bit early and pick her up, then be off until Monday. Plus she will be pretty sore and hopefully tired those few days and out of my hair.

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