House Projects

I have this notebook [are you surprised?] that has a cutesy cover that says “my first home address here” and then purchased September 2020.

I started keeping a list of all the things in there after my offer was accepted. My realtor and mortgage lenders info, insurance information, measurements, moving info, carpet cleaning service, places I needed to change my address with, utility info [at old + new place], paint colors, HOA stuff, warranty stuff, info from the condo rental. I also made a wish list and a projects list. The wish list was more like things I needed eventually but could live without until I could afford to buy them, smartly!

Then the project list:

  • remove garage entry way door [into kitchen]
  • remove garage entry way wire shelf
  • paint garage entry way
  • paint walls in garage
  • install Ring doorbell camera
  • hang garage entry way coat rack / shelf
  • hang garage entry way mirror
  • change locks
  • half bath
    • remove + replace vanity
    • remove + replace vanity mirror
    • remove + replace vanity lights
  • laundry room
    • remove wire shelf
    • remove pedestals + add butcher block
    • add cabinet
  • change garage code
  • hang shelf in master bathroom
  • change master bedroom curtain rod
  • change curtain rods in living room + dining room
  • build wood shelves along left side of garage
  • wood overlay or replace pantry shelves
  • paint house
    • main floor
    • hallway
    • upstairs
  • add electrical in master bathroom [at least 2 more outlets]
  • build out small closet in master bedroom
    • remove wire shelf
    • add wood shelves
    • add wood drawers

Some are minor, some are a little bigger… I had some help to get the bigger projects done, laundry and bathroom. I had the garage painted the morning I closed on the house so it was done before moving in. I had some time to save for this stuff, but I have to save for the rest. Lumber is really expensive right now so the wall of shelves in the garage is not going to get done for a while nor the pantry. I had the idea to build out the small closet in my bedroom but right now it’s a big, lofty idea. Ideally I just want to get rid of the small dresser I have under my TV…

My hallway is kinda painted but I need to hire it done. The friend who helped me didn’t have the correct ladder to do above the stairs, so the top that’s hard to reach needs to be cut in, thankfully the color is the same but you can still tell it was painted over and hasn’t been since 2009 when the house was built. I have a request in for a quote to just do the hallway. I’m not going to worry about the upstairs for a while, it seems to be in decent shape and likely I won’t need to paint it!

I’m sure I will come back to this post + add to it as things come up. But I am enjoying making this house my own. I still have yet to hang much of anything on the wall… but I will eventually!

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