How things have changed in a year

Yesterday on my Facebook Memories this popped up:

I’ve never wished I owned a place more than now, because going through this alone is the absolute worst. Then I could get a puppy.

That was April 12, 2020. 3 months later, the offer was accepted, 5 months later I closed, 7 weeks after closing I picked up Moxie. That weekend, April 12th was Easter weekend. It wasn’t because it was Easter, it was just a month into the pandemic; it had been the hardest yet for me, and I think it was the hardest I had faced through this all. We were still unsure about it all, just had gotten face shields at work. I still hadn’t seen my parents or Luke, Jill + the kids in person. It was just a tough time.

I feel braggy and boastful saying that the year of the pandemic wasn’t so bad for me. I bought a house, got a puppy, stayed employed and was able to still go into work in my office. Of course, there was social isolation, depression, things like that. Had it not been for the low interest rates and feeling trapped in my condo, the buying a house wouldn’t have happened. And drama came from buying the house… it showed me who both wants to be in my life and who I want in my life. There’s a quote “if your absence doesn’t bother them, your presence never mattered to them”. Life lessons from 2020 that will carry over into the rest of my life.

Having a place that is “mine” gave me purpose this last 7 months to refocus my energy. I’m too busy with house projects [big and small], organizing, settling in, and planning décor; to have time to be too depressed. Then add on an ornery puppy that isn’t ever too far from me that jumps about counter height! Aside from the previously mentioned I’ve been taking millions of pictures and videos and oversharing on social media.

A lot can change in a year. I was at what I think was one of the lowest spots, and now I’m feeling good. I have a lot of work to do, the house, the puppy, me, Lots of work needs to be done on me. But I’m feeling like I’m in a good place, and that’s pretty fucking amazing.

2 thoughts on “How things have changed in a year

  1. I’d have to say that following your story and watching you achieve these goals has been pretty fucking amazing too! You’re a very determined woman who when she puts her mind to it, she DOES it! So happy for you!


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