One big project, done!

I was off last Friday, and my friend Chris was in town. He had helped me redo the bathroom on the main level. He was here to help me do the laundry room. And damn, did he knock it out of the park. He had mentioned in a text earlier in the week that since everything was going to be out of the room, we should paint it quick. I’m glad we did!

Not only did he paint the laundry room, he touched up paint all throughout the house, from moving in and a few scuffs, from hanging new curtains and removing the quote / words from the wall peeled a little paint off. Thankfully my whole house is one color, ceilings included. With the exception of the spare bedroom and the entry way. He said it would be VERY easy to paint the rest of the house when the time came, just need to make sure I had plenty of paint and a new roller!

He got the laundry room done, after a few trips to Lowe’s. He helped me install solar lights in my front, and he cleaned out my garage. Partially because he was cutting wood so saw dust was everywhere, but it is nice and cleaned out – all the cardboard was broken down and taken to the recycle center. I think I will rearrange things in the garage now.

We found time to go grab lunch one day and supper the next as a reward for the work. It was a nice weekend of getting things done. But let me tell you, I was excited to crash in my bed on Sunday night and come back to work.

He’s a great friend and has already said he would help with swapping out the wire rack in my pantry for wood shelves, and also wants to build out the small closet in my bedroom.

I am excited to start saving for these two projects and scouring Pinterest for ideas for the closet. He’s basically going to build shelves and maybe add some pull out drawers! But it will be a bit for this, lumber is a bit high!

On the right is a piece of wood with hooks for my bras, and on the left is another piece of wood with a rod so I can hang clothes, either throw it over or with a hanger!

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