When it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

I had the most productive week and weekend last week. I got my second Covid vaccine on Monday and by the middle of the night I was feeling crummy. I stayed home from work on Tuesday but was good to go for Wednesday. I picked up t the cupboards and butcher block to stain for the laundry room.

On Friday night I got my kitchen all cleaned up and made Moxie some dog food — going to try this as she is being super picky. She ate it pretty well over the weekend. Yesterday wasn’t so great but I think the shots affected her appetite.

Saturday morning I was up early, and got some laundry started, got all the laundry put away, vacuumed upstairs.

Sunday I started staining the cupboards. It turned out pretty well, especially for my first time staining anything. I was wide awake about 3:30 and realized that the butcher block I have in my garage is not deep enough. It’s only 24 inches and I need it to be about 30. I tossed and turned thinking about it.

I got up this morning and I’m able to return the current one, thank goodness. But now finding the right size is proving to be difficult. I found one at Home Depot in Waterloo, but I’m not sure if it’ll fit in my car. But I’m tempted to order it, road trip and get it and figure it out. According to the website I should be able to have them “deliver” it, but it’s not allowing that. I think I just need to call at lunch and see if it’s possible. But part of me is just thinking order it and drive up there and make it fit, somehow. It’s a little over an hour.

I would like to get it sooner than later, so I can stain it and it’ll be dry for when Chris is able to help me do it all next Friday the 19th.

I’m going to think on it today and get home and move my drivers seat up and measure to see if I could possibly fit it in there, and then just road trip after work this week up to get it. I just checked and curbside pick up is only available until 6pm so… I’m going to have to go on Saturday afternoon or Sunday. I’m off early on Thursday for an eye appointment, that I might be able to make it work. My appointment is at 2:30 – I expect it to take about an hour or so, as it’s the consultation for the eye surgery. I could probably be there by 6…

Damn all the decisions. I just need to quit worrying about this today…

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