A lazy, yet productive weekend.

My kitchen was in dire need of being cleaned, it was nice to get that knocked out on Friday night. I woke up on Saturday morning and rearranged the cupboards. I’ve been here a week and a half shy of 6 months, and it’s the second time. I think this will work a bit better. I had an appointment to get my taxes done, so that’s a great thing to have checked off. I took Moxie on a really long walk and she became a muddy mess, so she got a bath. My Mom came up this afternoon to visit for a bit before she ran errands and brought a small trunk she had. It works great to stash some of Moxie’s toys.

I got the materials ordered for the laundry room; well, just the cupboards and butcher block. I’ll have to stain them, and while I’ve never stained anything in my life, I’m sure it’ll be pretty simple. I can do it on the other half of my garage and set up the Scentsy event tables and get them done! I just got an email that all but the butcher block is ready for pick up.

I’m not sure if my cousin Red is going to help me do it, or my friend, Chris [who helped with the bathroom] will. Either way, a big step is getting the items bought.

It seems really petty, but every time I step foot in my laundry room, it pisses me off. I still feel like that’s the room that “isn’t done, unpacked” because it just feels like a catch all. I am so looking forward to it being functional. Okay it’s functional now, but it’s not thought out at all.

I hope that I can sell the pedestals on Facebook. I’m not sure what I will do with the wire shelving. It seems like I should be able to repurpose it, maybe in the garage… but also if I could sell it, it might be more useful that way. I despise this wire shelving. It’s in my pantry and one of the “someday projects” is to have some wood overlay things [not sure what they are called] something like this. And speaking of my pantry, it needs to be reorganized and I thought about tackling it when I did the cupboards but it’ll be another weekend morning project.

I have a sleeping Moxie on my feet, she’s all tuckered out from Mom being here this afternoon. I’ve had 9-1-1 on catching up on 4 episodes. I still have 3 or 4 episodes of 9-1-1 Lonestar to catch up on. It’s been a good mix of relaxing, lazy and productive this weekend.

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