TV shows; train wrecks and otherwise.

If you asked me what kind of shows I watch the answer is easy; hospital/doctor shows. Pretty much all of them on primetime television. I do watch a few firefighter shows, and two train wreck shows. Sister Wives and Counting On [formerly 19 Kids and Counting] I have watched these since the beginning. They are both now on Discovery Plus, which is relatively cheap… I will probably continue do subscribe, at least while there are new episodes.

I just recently knocked my Hulu to regular vs the Hulu Live. I found I wasn’t watching much, if any TV in real time, so I might as well save $60. I miss having access to the news, but I can read a bulk of it online and anything “breaking” will very likely be streaming or have up-to-date info on social media or the news sites.

Sister Wives started back and while I’m fascinated with their culture [and I appreciate that they aren’t of the icky LDS folks], no one seems happy, why the fuck are they with him!? And how the fuck can they afford all their fancy houses, nice cars, and name brand clothing. Do they even work outside of the show? I know one had a direct sales business. If they do it’s not at all portrayed on the show, which maybe that has to be kept private for the sake of the place of employment. It’s just an interesting dynamic. No one seems happy, they all live separately and not even close, so how is that family?

Counting On is also equally fascinating; those folks do life cheap, but still seem to live a somewhat normal life outside of always being pregnant… Their religion is something else, and whatever happens when the cameras aren’t rolling seems like it could be sketchy [as we saw by some allegations a few years ago!] I just have to wonder why some of these kids have moved away and have strayed a little from the strict beliefs. It’s one thing to be super churchy, but when it dictates all you do in life, it just ain’t right, man!

But here I am, watching it. I don’t follow any of the Sister Wives or Counting On folks on social media because it got quite salesy. I do follow the official TV show page to see some news and when the show will start back, and occasionally I read the comments to see the chaos that it brings up.

I don’t really need any more shows to watch as I still have episodes of shows I currently watch to catch up on, but I’d like to watch Yellowstone, Ozark and Schitt’s Creek All of which I can in time, it’s not like it’s detrimental to watch now.

I’m actually behind on the reading per my reading challenge goal, and I need to be spending a little more time with my Scentsy business, and definitely need to be working on some training with Moxie. Really the Moxie thing should be a priority. I need to work with her like 20 minutes each night. She’s a puppy, and ornery for sure but we need to work on sit, stay, down, wait, and for sure need to work on keeping her off the fucking table. I am terrified she’s going to be a bad dog when she stays at my English teacher’s house in August if we end up getting to go to Florida.

What cringeworthy shows do you watch?

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