Eye see change a comin’, maybe.

For as long as I can remember, and even before I have had glasses. I know I was under a year — I feel like it was something like 6 months old. Whatever it is, I’ve had glasses for all my life. It’s about $200 for a good pair of frames, and $300 for lenses.

I have had the same style of frames for at least the last 10 years [a few of each the brown and black pairs] and I just put new lenses in when the prescription changes, or when it’s just time for new lenses because the current ones are scratched all to hell. And yes, I pay for the scratch stuff, but overtime scratches happen.

All my life I have gone to the same eye doctor, Dr. W; he was [and always will be the best doctor I have ever seen] he retired and he entrusted my care into the hands of the woman doctor at his clinic, I really liked her, then just before my second appointment with her, she was tragically killed in a car accident. I switched to another doctor, Dr C W; I’ve seen him up until a few years ago. He’s just a know it all douchebag kind of guy. I started seeing Dr. O at this place because he works with contacts, too. I didn’t know he could do regular exams, so I have been to him a few times and I really like him. He’s up there with the original Dr. W!

About a month ago I had the day off for a virtual Scentsy event that was in the afternoon, so I ran errands in the morning. My allergy shot place shares a parking lot with the eye doctor / glasses place. I had my contacts in because I was updating my driver’s license to my new address [can’t wear glasses at the DMV for your license picture] and I needed my glasses adjusted. I asked how old my prescription was, and it was pretty old. I have double the money in my Flex Spend Account this year, so I figured this would be the year I get new glasses, frames and lenses, and prescription sunglasses . I needed a new script first. They were able to schedule me for an exam in about a month. That was yesterday.

My script hasn’t changed, the last time we added the blue blocker to my lenses and I think that’s helped with some eye headaches. Somehow in conversation it came up that I am a prime / perfect / ideal [cannot remember exactly what word he used] candidate for Cataract Surgery with Vision-Correcting IOLs [intraocular lens]. This is, the surgery they do if you had cataracts, but instead of replacing the lens of a cataract eye and replacing with an artificial lens, they do this same surgery but put in a prescription lens! Think of it as a contact! It would still require me to wear very very thin glasses with the prism in it [which helps with my double vision / lazy eye] and they would be SIGNIFICATNLY cheaper; but I could get by without – if I wasn’t working / reading. I could go without the “prism glasses” for almost anything! It would be like I had my contacts in. Of course my eyes might get a little tired towards the end of the day if I did this often, and I’m used to having glasses on my nose.

I was thinking the cost he quoted seemed a little high but maybe I could save for it in 5ish years. I called my Mom on the way home and told her about it, and in talking it out, I figure I spend $300 each year on lenses, $200/every other year on frames, and about $50-100/year on contacts + solution and such. So let’s just say $500 /year, hypothetically. Knowing I don’t buy new frames each year is partly because I don’t’ want to spend the money.

The cost of the surgery is hefty but in a little more than 10 and less than 15 years, it will pay for itself in just glasses and contacts alone. I reached out on Faacebook to see if anyone had this done, and two people I know directly, one friends’ uncle had it done. They all have positive things to say.

I’ve decided to call and set up a consultation. Because I do not have cataracts, this is not covered by insurance. I need to look into if this is covered by my Flex Spend [likely I would need the doctors note, but I need to research, as LASIK is on the list] I know I have nothing else “on the books” medical wise, my meds are generic so they are free with my insurance. I figured up what my allergy shots cost out of pocket, and the few appointments I have for well checks [gyno, regular doc, dentist] and what copays if any are owed on those. I know that all of these copays are within my budget and okay for me not to be reimbursed for should I be able to / and decide to go through with this surgery.

I am still wanting more info and the consultation. I love the idea of it, I love the thought of not having to wear glasses that are as little more than half a pound on my face. Yes, I just weighed them, 10 ounces. You might think a half a pound isn’t much but that’s a lot of weight on your face! I want to know what recovery time is, how soon I can be back to work and such. As I type this, I’m getting a bit more excited, but I first need to find out if it’s covered under my Flex before anything.

After the appointment yesterday, I held off in ordering contacts and new glasses, because it would be silly to do so if I’m going to move forward. I just keep thinking “I could have a few pair of glasses and switch it up” vs just one pair because of how expensive they are!

My first surgery I had was when I was 17 and had my wisdom teeth removed. I had a nose overhaul / sinus surgery in 2010, then the adenoid removal in 2020. I am NOT a fan of surgery so I do not want people to think I am “surgery hungry” but If I go forward with this, it’s a long-term thing.

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