A little late on the mid-month update.

Last weekend I finally did it, chopped my hair. I donated my hair to Wigs for Kids. The rules were that it needed to be 12-14 inches. I had some very long layers so we guessed some of the spots were 14 inches and some were a little more than 12. It’s VERY short, probably the shortest I’ve had it in quite some time. Shorter than I had it in 2011. My hair grows pretty quick… so I’m hopeful for it to grow quickly. I’m certain it won’t take 10 years to grow long enough to donate again, as I’ve chopped 4-5 inches here and there. I’m kind of aiming for 4 years. We shall see.

I’m kind of at a good spot at work where I’m not feeling super overwhelmed, but able to keep up with things coming in.

As usual, slacking in the Scentsy world. I have a lot of things I would like to accomplish, but need some uninterrupted time, without a puppy that needs to have eyes on her most of the time HAH!

Been keeping up the house pretty well, I mean I still have laundry somewhat folded on the spare bed that Moxie has rolled around in and tried to steal that needs to be put away. Let me tell you, a house that’s double what I normally had is a lot of house to keep up! I just need to get on a schedule of cleaning; like STARTING it. Hah!

Rambling, need to get back to it.

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