Feeling blah

I’ve been feeling real blah lately. I’ve never really felt like the weather altered my mood so much but I think this year is different. I think it’s a mix of Covid, getting Moxie on a schedule, and all the fucking snow we’ve gotten.

I really need to get into a routine / schedule with housework, rather than scrambling to do it all on a Sunday. I’m not saying that I will only do laundry or vacuum on x day, but if I get a routine / schedule down it won’t seem so overwhelming. I just need to figure it out. I’ve been wining it since I moved in but my routine loving self needs something a bit more concrete.

I have been MAJORLY slacking on Scentsy stuff. I have been admittedly coasting by with just what my regular customers order. I need to change that, shit or get off the pot situation. I’m just not a “buy this” kind of person and feel bad for what I do post and cringe that it comes off too salesy.

Even with a clingy puppy, it’s been kind of lonely. Would I like to be dating someone, sure; but single works. It would just be nice to cook for / with someone, hang out and watch TV or a movie, but it just is what it is.

Thankfully I’ve gotten sucked into TikTok and that keeps me somewhat entertained, however I’ve been slacking with reading as much. I think because when I crawl in bed at night, I’m just pooped. Before Moxie I would read for all hours, but getting up 45 minutes earlier seems to still not be “normal” so my body is begging for more sleep. All in time things will get better.

I’m excited for my hair appointment in a week and a half, because I’ve decided to chop my hair. I’m gonna get it cut to right at my shoulders, maybe a little shorter. Long enough to pull up but I think for the sake of my curls we just need a chop and let them grow back a bit more healthy. I’ve not been putting any product in my hair, or even styling it because I’m not going anywhere but it’s feeling pretty lifeless. Maybe that will put some pep back in my step.

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