Moxie has been home for 3 months today and tomorrow she will be 5 months old. It’s been a crazy ride so far. On Wednesday I weighed myself holding her and then I stepped off and weighed myself without her – 9 pounds!

The breeder told me they thought she’d be between 9-11 pounds, but the vet though closer to 15. I’m on my 3rd collar, and second harness for her. Though she isn’t really using the harness anymore. She’s grown into her astronaut snow suit.

When I was trying to decide between Poochon and Cavapoo, I kept reading “Poochon’s are velcro puppies” not meaning it about their hair, but she does get some things stuck to her! But more so that they are never far from their human. That’s for damn sure. She’s usually next to me on the couch, or touching me in bed [either on the pillow and has a paw over my hand or curled up against the back of my knee, or in my armpit with her head on my chest].

She’s doing much better sleeping through the night, and not getting up to potty. She does just fine in the crate at night but I’ve been slacking and letting her sleep in bed with me more and more. I think she’s finally getting the hang of it. Now that we’ve had a few good nights I know a bad one or two will come. Thankfully she can most of the time jump up into my bed, it takes a few tries but she can get it, so I don’t worry so much when she jumps down. If she whines at the side of the bed I can almost usually grab her and get her up into bed.

We are still kind of working on the food thing, she’s eating her dry food, but I’m still giving her wet food – she’s quite picky about that; but eventually she eats it. I’ve been letting her try some fruits and a few other foods. She loves scrambled eggs, cooked carrots, and blueberries and pumpkin puree sometimes. She is okay with an apple and a frozen green bean, but does not like bananas. She doesn’t beg for food but she has jumped up on my chair at the table a time or two. I just need to get better at pushing it in.

The same goes for my desk in my office. I couldn’t find her after I got out of the shower, and she had jumped up on my chair in my office, then onto my desk! She’s a jumper!

We have one more session of dog training. She’s learned a lot but we need to practice a bit more at home, so she gets the hang of it.

I think February will be the last month we have Mr. Q the dog walker come over. She’s been spoiled with him but she can hold it. I’ve been having him leave her out on the main floor after he comes over if she has gone poop. But I’m not sure when Quincy is done, if I will give her free reign of the main floor just yet!

Having her crate by the sliding door has helped tons, it keeps her awake some, so she’s not so wound up when I get home.

I am anxiously awaiting her to go into heat, because I know I can get her spayed. I just would rather be home when she goes into heat vs when I’m in Florida at the end of August [I don’t think I can board her at a facility if she’s not fixed] and if I have someone watch her, I don’t want them to have to deal with it! I know for smaller dogs it can be earlier. I’m told anywhere between 6 months to 1 year. I can get her fixed after she’s a year old if she hasn’t gone into heat yet, but I know that a lot of people suggest waiting til after her first heat even if she’s a year. So many different things to consider.

Anyways. I’m completely in love with my sweet Moxie girl; as I’m sure you could tell by my Facebook, and her IG [ MoxieTheDoggy ] and I’m not even sorry for talking about and posting pics of her all the time.

My boss told me Wednesday afternoon that I seem happier, since having gotten her. It was oddly, one of the best compliments anyone could have given me!

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