Covid vaccine, shot 1.

Yesterday I received replies from my inquiries about getting the vaccine as I am in 1A. Washington County told me that their clinics were full and had no available appointments, but they were to going to put me on the wait list. I later received a call at 12:14 that I was on the list and then at 12:42 got a call that they had an opening at 3:30!

It was a little bit of a drive, but worth it. I got Moderna. My arm was a little sore last night but didn’t feel anything else. I did notice that my bandaid had more blood on it than any other time I get shots/vaccines.

I had a hard time sleeping last night, tossed and turn, my arm was [and still is] pretty sore. I woke up this morning feeling kinda junky. A little bit of a headache just blah feeling. I’m at work as usual, though. Not enough to stay home.

I’d still take a sore arm, and feeling kinda junky to be able to get back to whatever “normal” will look like, and not getting sick and potentially a ventilator.

One shot down, one more to go March 1st!

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