Life update + stuff

We have a new President and Vice President. Their inauguration was great. The clothing, the music, all of it. It felt like hope is on the horizon. What a great day for all women, and the little girls who were able to watch, some of it!

Moxie is doing so much better sleeping. I’ve been doing about half and half crating her at night and letting her sleep in bed. Last night she slept with me and slept all the way through the night, didn’t jump off the bed to go potty or anything.

She’s super cuddly in the morning, so it’s hard to think about putting her in the crate when she’s so lovey for a few hours before we wake up.

My HOA really stinks at snow removal even after hiring a new company. I was about 3 hours late; thankfully the boss is good with me coming in late and using vacation. Still, it’s the second time I’ve had to use 3-4 hours of vacation because of snow removal!

I still have not gotten the COVID vaccine. We have another house wide forum today at noon, but from previous emails, it sounds like it’ll be a while for us because February 1st starts a new phase opening up to some of the public. It seems as though, even though I’ve been deemed essential, and have been working in the hospital since the start of the pandemic that we’re not as important as the people working for UIHC who have been working from home a bulk of the pandemic. That’s quite maddening!

I’ve been reaching out to surrounding counties to see if they have available appointments or vaccine clinics. My boss did just that and she’s getting her first shot today.

I have some house projects I want to work on next. I have some spots in my house that need to be spackled and touched up with paint – although the plan is to save up and have the whole house repainted in the next few years.

I would really like to get the laundry room done. I decided in January to get some bills switched over to yearly or bi-annually, so it put a little dent in he budget for anything, but I’m hopeful that I can get the big things bought with my February paycheck. The butcher block, two cupboards and stain.

I need to find a rug for my living room. I really just need some help with décor, as a whole! And along with the rug for the living room, one for the main floor half bath and some kitchen rugs / mats. Again, another something that isn’t a lot of money, just need to find what I want.

I really need to rent a truck from UHaul because I have cardboard boxes that are too big for my recycling bin that need to go to the recycling center and it just won’t fit in my Equinox. I could do it all in one trip with a truck.

The other project on the someday list after the laundry room is wood storage shelves to be built along a wall in the garage. I’ve looked at this on Ikea but it’s not in stock anywhere. I would prefer something a bit more sturdy, I’d just need help getting the wood and assembling it. I don’t think it would take super long. Luke’s pretty good at that kind of stuff but lumber is pricey right now. And it’s not super high on the list but it’s something more affordable that I can do.

I’m certain I’ve wrote about it all before but I’m not going anywhere and see this daily so it’s on my mind of what I want / need to do.

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