Snow + Puppy woes

We got DUMPED with snow yesterday. 11 inches in North Liberty. My driveway the smalled section was a little over 12 inches, with blowing and drifting. We closed the office at 4 yesterday and it took me nearly an hour and a half to drive 10 miles.

The street I live on is a private lane so the city doesn’t plow. The last storm we had a few weeks ago, it took them about 10 hours to get out and do the driveway and road, today… they weren’t there and it was after 10 when I left for work. Thankfully a neighbor across the street came to help me scoop — and we cleared the driveway enough to get my SUV out and I was able to gun it and get through the road.

Of course Mom + Joe gave me their old snow blower, but I didn’t have gas / oil for it. I remedied that quick and picked it up curbside from Lowe’s on my way in. I’ll fill the gas can up on my way home tonight. Then I’ll be ready to go when they don’t come on Friday.

The HOA sent an email last night that they’d be out twice, once at night and once after. Sometime around 1, my walk way from the driveway to the door was scooped with a shovel. We got an email at 7 that the company was “delayed” and had some trucks down. Again, another excuse, even if it was legit, it’s not right. I guess we’re looking for a new company, and I’m excited for that!

Moxie loves the snow, but her coat doesn’t cover as much of her belly and legs as it should, so I have a snowsuit of sorts ordered for her… she will be able to stay out longer. She was a monster last night and this morning. I know she’s a puppy, but it was a lot. I know what I got myself into, and I’m even okay with the puppy-Mom shaming I’m getting for crating my dog from 730-530, even with a dog walker midday. Just because I am single and work a job outside of the home doesn’t mean I can’t have a dog! She’s fucking spoiled and she can hold it almost the whole day. If we have an accident, so be it. I’m not abusing her like they make me out to be.

She even got a walk — for about 20 minutes last night, in the deep, unplowed, not shoveled snow. She gets PLENTY of exercise in the evening and weekends. And my dog walker takes her for a walk at least around the block. I don’t know why I feel the need to defend myself.

My boss and I are doing a semi-private training session, well three actually; with a lady she’s used in the past and loved… She got a 1-year old lab mix over Christmas, so it’ll be perfect. We figured since we work together we’ll feel safe going together. The trainer said she will be able to fit the 8-week class into 3 weeks, because it’s a lot more one-on-one. I’m hopeful that it will click this time. Moxie is just NOT listening to me and being ornery as all get out. We’ve tried daily to do what I half-ass learned on the Zoom’s for the Puppy Kindergarten but she wants nothing to do with it.

In other news, I found out today that the big boss thinks we’re going to be getting our vaccine in the next two weeks! After a shitty day today, hearing that almost had me in tears, happy.

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