Moxie Update

Moxie is a week shy of four months old. Hard to believe I have had her almost two months! She’s has grown so much at times it’s hard to see then other times I look at old pictures and am blown away. I really need to go through my pictures on my phone. I’m very much a puparatzi!

She has regressed a bit with the potty training, and maybe I have as well, and need to go back to taking her out every few hours with the hopes she will go. We will go on a walk and she won’t go, then I catch her doing the potty dance inside, and get her outside [most of the time]. I know she’s still young and learning but I do not want to make this a thing!

She’s being a bit picky about eating; but she’s gaining weight and growing. The vet told me that she’ll eat when she’s hungry. It’s out the whole time. I even have a food bowl that clips into her crate that has her dry food in it. I did place a curbside order for Pet Smart today for some wet food to mix in.

She is NOT a morning puppy, so she does not even bother eating in the morning. My hopes are this mixing the food in will help with her wanting to eat, and then we will work on the potty schedule a bit better.

She goes through spurts where she sleeps all night but the last few nights she’s getting up about 2 to go potty and munch on the chewy and then eventually crash.

I knew getting a puppy was going to be a lot of work, tiring and frustrating at times, but damn I love her, and I know it was a great decision. I know this whole post sounds like I am complaining, but really I just want to keep track for down the road. I purposely wanted a puppy to be able to bond from the start. Trust me, she is NEVER far from me and knows when Momma leaves the room or goes outside. She’s just doing puppy things and being onery.

I know I post too many pictures on FB about her — so much so I made an Instagram account for her, so if anyone wants to see Moxie’s pics, they can look there. I’m really trying to not sound like a new mom with a baby and overshare, but it is what it is.

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