Crunch time to get things done

Just had my review at work — all good things. That feels good to wrap up the year with that. Especially when this year has, as we all know, been the year of many challenges!

We just got word that the Moderna vaccine arrived about an hour ago! We’re already in Phase 2 of 4, so hopefully with Moderna in house along with Pfizer we’ll roll through Phase 2 and get closer to getting all [who want to be] vaccinated!

I am excited to have said “yes”, so now I will await my phase group, and my appointment! Even with the “allergy warnings” that really do not pertain to me. Yes, I have severe allergies, but I’ve never gone into anaphylactic shock. I will still get it and wait the 15 minutes to be monitored, if they need me around for another 15, I’m alright with that. I’ll deal with some slight side effects vs being on a ventilator!

I feel like I have so much to do before the holidays, but not enough time to do it. I do not do any holiday gifts, so I don’t have to wrap or anything but I do need to make some Oreo Balls, they are not super labor intensive but I need to clean my kitchen, and then mess it up again.

I just need get my butt in gear when I get home. I’m hopeful to get quite a bit done; but I won’t beat myself up over it if it doesn’t all get done. I have Wednesday night too. Doing Christmas Eve at Mom’s, then probably going to stay the night and go to Dad’s late morning. Then I’ll go home and do whatever around the house, then on the 26th in the late afternoon / early evening we’ll do the Parizek get-together.

I’m excited for a long weekend, even though there are some plans sprinkled in, but I’ve got high hopes to do some deep cleaning, bathrooms and such. Eww, but it needs done.

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