Moxie update

I’ve shared that I am struggling with crate training. I have a puppy playpen with washable potty pads down and she is getting very close to jumping out.

I want to preface this to say that I do want to crate train her, we are just struggling. Everyone had said “it’s hard and it takes time” and then most went on to scold me and tell me about it. For fucks sake, I know that it’s where they feel safe, all that. I just happened to have a dog previously that wasn’t crate trained and my dog before that when I was an outdoor dog.

Thursday after the work [we had been to the vet that morning and she got shots] so I knew she was tired, so I put her in there to while she was working on a chewy. I put her in there and then left to run a few errands. She seemed to do pretty well. I even sat int he garage and listened to a podcast for a bit longer.

I put her in there on Friday morning and then had the dog walker put her in the playpen for the afternoon. No accidents in the crate. I’m going to do the same thing tomorrow and the rest of the week. She’s sleepy in the morning and doesn’t like to wake up so I’m HOPEFUL she won’t freak out so much.

I unfortunately didn’t do much this weekend, in that I needed to leave, so we didn’t have any chances to try it again.

I have looked into some more training, it;’s a one on one, in person thing.

I am doing all I can given living in the middle of a pandemic to socialize Mox with other dogs. She met and played with some at the puppy kindergarten for an hour for two weeks. We’ve been to my bosses place to play with her corgi [and she is potentially getting a new puppy soon].

On Thanksgiving in my Mom’s neighborhood she met a few other dogs in the area and played. When we delivered Scentsy on Sunday morning, she played with a customers’ two dogs! I’m hopeful that I will have more chances to do so. I know with winter fast approaching it might deter some potential socializations. We did try to go see my cousin Brent’s dog but he was all sorts of growly, so he was put back in the house.

I just don’t want my dog to be the asshole, growly, snarly one. I want her to always want to play and not scare people.

She’s doing very well with letting me know she needs to go out and go potty. She’s not eating her poop anymore. I was given a tip to add a little pumpkin to it, so it seems to be helping, but it’s kind of messy. I need to make some treats with pumpkin in them.

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