Life + home update

The days seem to be blending together; but such is life in a pandemic.

Moxie had her last vet appointment this week for shots. We won’t have to go back until after her first heat or until she’s a year old, to get her spayed; which ever comes first. I’m glad I have a little time to save up for it. I’ll get her microchipped then, too. The vet explained that it’s a rather large needle and he prefers to do it then.

I keep telling myself that I will get my new dresser loaded and the master closets done, but I have yet to do so. I hate the dresser I have. I much preferred the Ikea one but it was mis-cut and they gave me my money back. I bought a different one, locally. I’m still thinking I want the Ikea one but will have someone help me put it together.

I had some issues with one of the small shelves on my desk and was able to find a replacement, on sale, so I finally have my desk feeling functional. The office + office closet is in good shape. Moxie had a few blankets and toys up there but usually she just sleeps at my feet when I’m up there.

I have gone the entire week without getting drive through or take out food, which is probably something I haven’t done in a long time, but I need to watch the spending. I really want to redo my laundry room!

I did find out that my washer + dryer can be stacked but many advise against it. Back to the drawing board, in a way — I’m taking them off the pedestals still, will have a wood slab over top them like a shelf that comes all the way over them. I’m hopeful to get two big cupboards either side and two shelves between the two. I’m not sure how much room there will be under the cupboards and between the slab I might put another shelf, but I want it to be practical not just there.

Without the washer + dryer being on the pedestals, I’m wondering if they can be pushed back a bit and then I will have room for a food / water bowl inside there. As of right now, Moxie cannot go down the stairs, but I want her to be able to get food + water if she needs it. Currently I’ve been sleeping with my door closed because she can jump off the bed… I can just keep her from wondering in the middle of the night if I don’t hear her jump off.

I need to sell my basically brand new Dyson Animal V7 vacuum. I bought it, unpacked it, recycled the box and then realized that I needed one that mopped too. Of course I’ve listed it on FB Marketplace, but no luck. I did buy a Crosswave, and it’s amazing. I should have just waited to see.

I did buy a rug for my living room, it might have been a little too big, but really it just needed to go UNDER the furniture better, but that’s not a one-person situation. I really think it’ll be wise to just wait until Moxie is a bit older.

Thankfully Luke looked at my new thermostat and said it was pretty easy, he showed Joe how to do it so next weekend they will come up and light my pilot light and get that installed.

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