Busy weekend for the pup!

I have had Moxie for three weeks, it seems like longer but it also seems so short. Her personality is great. She graduated from Puppy Kindergarten today; it was a series of four classes, two were in person. Both times they told me she was a hoot. On her paper today it says she is “playfully fierce” and that she is the life of the part. She was the smallest, but held her own with the bigger dogs! I feel proud. I’m not sure she learned anything, but the socialization was great.

I think it’ll be better suited for her when she’s 6-8 months old and we can do it together, so she and I can learn together.

It was great to go back to work on Friday! I do not regret working from home because I was able to stay on top of things but damn was it great to sit at my desk, both monitors and have all the things I needed.

Yesterday, Mom came up and we grabbed Texas Roadhouse to go, shared a meal socially distant for my birthday. I had her buy me a Dyson vacuum that was majorly on sale through her Sam’s Club account, so that was my birthday present to myself. She got me new sauce pans that I am going to love, as my current ones are not so great. I’m still on the fence if I will keep the ones she got me, because they don’t have the handle, just the two on the sides, so I’m torn. At first I thought I would love it without the one single handle but now I’m undecided.

After she left, I took Moxie over to my bosses house, she lives about a mile from me, to play with her almost 3 year old corgi, Nola. They ran around for an hour and Moxie was beat! She slept most of the night, then got wild about 11 for about a half hour, then she crashed hard. She slept clear til 5:45 this morning! We got up and I took her out, then she came back to bed til almost 8! She slept most of the morning / early afternoon too.

She’s been passed out since we got home about 3:30. I’m probably going to wake her up when I head down to cook supper and clean up the kitchen so she’s not wild late at night!

My dog walker started on Friday and she was great for Moxie. Currently I’m having her come twice a day but will likely knock it back to once a day after a week or so until the first of the year; then we’ll see how it goes.

When Moxie is sleeping I’m able to come up to the office — she sleeps on the floor next to me, and get some things done. I was able to get my Christmas cards done, just going to wait to send those the first week in December. I got some packages ready to go out for Scentsy. I’ve got an order packaged up that I can hopefully deliver this week.

I got a note on Thursday afternoon that my parking spot is being upgraded, big time, to a parking ramp! No extra charge, but they are trying to alleviate people on the busses, and moving those in further lots than I; up closer. It’s through the end of March! Holy crap, this means that I will not have to walk outside to get to my car through winter and into Spring [let’s be real, it could still be wintering in Iowa through March]. But hopefully I won’t have to park on the top level so my car will be covered, which is amazing! I’ll take it!

Okay, Moxie is stirring, so I think it means I need to head downstairs and let her out, and do all the things.

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