Bad experience at the groomer.

I had Moxie groomed. I specifically made an appointment for just a bath and nail trim. NOTHING ELSE. They took it upon themselves to trim around her face and her feet. They were fine, and I didn’t want any trimming done. I am pissed.

Her face looks like a clown with white makeup around the eyes, a lot of her curls are gone. I know they will grow back. I’m not as mad about the feet, but seriously her face.

It’s my fault, I went to Petco, but I didn’t think it would be a big deal. I just wanted her used to someone else bathing her, and her nails done. I should have just said fuck it and did the nails on my own. I have clippers.

I know it’s trivial in the grand scheme of things, but dammit! Everything I have read about hair growing back it’ll come back about 1/4 inch a week so I’m hoping in a month it’s looking better. I keep trying to fluff it up a bit around her face.

I did a little decorating for Christmas yesterday. The tree has been up since November 1st – not decoarted. I just did it so Moxie would get used to it being there, vs if I waited for a few weeks, she’d be a bit more used to the place and think it was a toy.

I did swap out my Scentsy warmers for holiday ones. I have the stockings hung, and a few ornaments on the tree. I still need to do one more package of ornaments. I’m picking up some greenery from a pick up order at JoAnn’s. I think we’re going to go grab it now.

I have another covid test at 12:25 today — work protocol. I’ll still be working from home through Thursday. We have puppy class on Zoom today at 2. She doesn’t do so great with the online ones, but she did well at the in person class. Thankfully next weekend is in person!

I’ve pretty much scrapped the crate training. She does well sleeping in bed with me and she’ll play in the crate but yah, I suck at it!

I had some photos done last weekend, but I think I’m going to find a way to get Moxie IN her stocking and have some lights around her and snap a picture for a Christmas card. I’m not finding any of the photos from last weekend that are great for that; so I’m going to improvise, and hope no one notices her face! I’m sure I notice it more cuz I see her all the time.

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