Puppy Struggles

Moxie has been home for 10 days, it seems like a lot longer sometimes. We are struggling with the crate training. I’ve had one successful time, one. I put her in there when she was sleeping, and she stayed asleep in there for a good hour and a half. She woke up and looked at me, but I didn’t acknowledge her.

She’s doing great with potty training. We’ve been in bed most nights by 10. She’s up about 1ish to go potty, then we go back to sleep. Sometimes she’s wakes me to go out between 3-4, but she’ll go back to sleep til we get up at 6. She doesn’t really whine, just stirs a bit. A little earlier than I normally get up, but it gives me time to get her out, feed her, play a little bit, I take a shower in the middle, then play a bit more, and into the puppy playpen.

I had rigged it up in the kitchen for more room to roam, but that didn’t work out, she snuck behind the end table, and couch to sneak out, then got stuck at the top of the stairs.

She will go in her crate [with the door open] occasionally. It’s in her playpen [I’m dragging it up and downstairs — so a second one is coming this week] and she’ll get in there and sleep during the day.

She seems to do well [according to the puppy camera] in the morning but the afternoon she struggles. I had a tough time last night. It was a rough day at work, then she was wild and whining all night; I don’t even know what for. I was taking her out to potty every 30 minutes, she was going potty, eating, and I was giving her almost all of my attention. She FINALLY crashed at 8:45, which was good because I had a Zoom meeting with some Scentsy people until 9:30. Then we slept well. She’s quite the cuddler, or at least stays near me. She’s fallen off the bed a few times. I think she gets to scooting and is too close.

She did great at Puppy Kindergarten, I dropped her off for an hour and she was exhausted, they had great things to say to her! On our own, we aren’t doing so well.

I was all set, that my dog would be so well behaved, training and all that and it’s looking like she’s just going to be the opposite.

I am exhausted today. I have to admit, I’m being diligent about taking my temp for a while now, because yesterday I worked at the Covid Test Clinic… I was the first person whom they came in contact with, and only had a face mask and shield on. No gloves – they are conserving them. Quite a few came through to test, without a mask. One man was coughing so much it was rude and a bit scary. I can’t help but admit that I’m a little nervous that if I had a chance to contract it, that would be where it happened.

I’m kinda thinking [hoping] that the exhaustion is from not getting the best sleep, as it’s interrupted.

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