She’s here!

Saturday morning, along with my friend Stef + her daughter, Ali, we took off to Joice, Iowa. I had sent an email to the breeder and said “we are on our way” because I had a tiny little part of me that thought I’d get up there and it wasn’t going to work out. They emailed back a little after 9 and said they’d be waiting for us!

The place was amazing, the house was newish [or remodeled] there was a new pole barn and where the puppies and momma’s were, the siding on their shed matched the house, but the best part there was a window into each section, so they could see. There were a few puppy playpens where I assume they ran.

She was the last of this liter to be picked up and didn’t whine at all the whole way home – I kept her in the crate and she did great. She was a little nervous but then did fine.

I didn’t keep her in the crate on Saturday night and she slept pretty well. We got up a few times to go potty. We went to town yesterday to meet Mom, Joe, Jill, Luke and the kids and she was exhausted. I had puppy class at 2, but she wasn’t feeling it. They seem to think she’ll do better next week – in person.

We crawled in bed about 8:45 last night and slept til 11, she went out and went potty, then woke me up again at 1:30, to go potty! We played fetch for a bit then back to bed til about 5:45/6ish! I caught her just before an accident inside and got her out in time. I know we’ll have them, I’m just hoping to teach her!

I really need to work on getting her napping in the crate, because she’s still in my bed, and I’ll be okay with that for a while, she can’t jump off the bed yet, and I don’t have puppy steps but I want to feel comfy in the crate too.

Today has been hard. I didn’t hear her whine in her playpen when I left and I didn’t listen in til after Tracy stopped by — she didn’t have an accident in the playpen! Tracy stuck around for a half hour and then after she left, she whined. Mom came up about 1:45 and got her out for about an hour then left, and now she’s back.

I didn’t know how much I needed her and I’ve only had her for two days, but damn, she’s great!

Here’s a few pics of her from this weekend.

Sitting pretty outside before chasing leaves!
This is how she did Puppy Kindergarten, oops!
She’s a sweet little thing. She doesn’t sit still long enough for a photo but she LOVES to crawl up on my chest and snuggle in.

If you want to follow her on Instagram: @moxiethedoggy Yes, I made her an Instagram cuz I didn’t want to spam everyone’s feed with photos of her but I want to keep track of her life.

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