All the puppy things

The countdown is on [but it always has been] two more days! I know I have spent a lot more than I should have on all the things. I just remind myself that I should only have to buy one puppy playpen, crate, blankets and the rest of the toys can be replaced as needed. But I’m actually going to put some of the toys + tug ropes up for now so she’s not overstimulated with all the toys!

I might have gone a little overboard; like buying a Furbo, but it’ was significantly on sale, and I had it on the wishlist… but with not being home and wanting to see her, it is what it is. I’m not having kids, so this is okay.

I hate that I have to work on Monday and leave her alone, but I just cannot swing the day off with an appointment in the morning and covering the office in the afternoon. Thankfully I have some help to let her out. Then we’ll really focus on the potty training for the next three days when I’m off. I know it won’t be mastered by then, but we’ll get a good start.

I’m so dang excited! I’m ready to have a sidekick. I’m thankful that the breeder has been in contact since I decided “yes” because the others I had contacted just stopped replying, which is crap. But I’m a firm believer that it all happens how it is supposed to be. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little nervous that this might not workout. But I feel like he wouldn’t be replying to me and sharing her shot record and things if it were going to be a bad deal. But a tiny part of me is just being cautious / guarded.

My mom just texted with a link to a calming bed and she’s bummed I won’t let her buy it for Moxie, because I already have a bed and likely just chilling with the blankets for the few few months so she doesn’t tear things to shreds! I told her she could buy her a jacket for winter — but I want to get her here first and make sure I get the right size.

Okay, best get back at it.

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