more about a puppy

I wrote on Facebook yesterday that I was looking for a Bichpoo, and explained that I would love to adopt, but needed to find a breeder due to my allergies. My ENT doctor doesn’t even want me getting a hypoallergenic dog; but I’m not having kids…

I really shouldn’t have to defend myself. I had a friend who was adamant that puppies are terrible, okay, fine, yours was, but that’s not always the case. I am really hoping to read or listen to a book or two on training and such this weekend, just to have some ideas in my head.

Between my boss and coworker both suggesting to get a dog in the fall, due to housebreaking a puppy, with colder weather, and everything is dead so there’s not a whole lot of new smells. And being home a few days for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

I chatted with one of my coworkers and she even just suggested taking the whole week off if I were to get this one that I’ve been working with breeder on and she would reschedule her Monday appointment – which was big for her!

I’m in talks with a breeder in Ohio… yes, all the way in Ohio. The one I am looking at is available, and is reserved for me, but to put the deposit down I’m waiting for some paperwork photos from the vet, and a few videos that I asked for. I’m just going to go with my gut. Not only do I want to see the pup, but I want to see the area in which he’s being raised.

I’m not trying to get my hopes up though; but I did get a set of bowls and some puppy poop bags. But that would be something that I would buy whenever I get a dog, so I just snagged ’em! Things I would need no matter when and if this pup isn’t going to work out, it’s not the last one.

I’m kinda sorta looking for a puppy car seat thing – but I’m not going to spend much on it. I’m only thinking about this because I want to have something for pup to be in for the ride home. Mostly I’m just prepping and planning for whenever is the right time for me to get a puppy.

I’m still looking for puppies just as a back up. Maybe that’s me not getting my hopes up, maybe it’s me thinking this one isn’t right [that sounds negative, I think he could be it for me, but I don’t want my heart set on him then it not work]. Apparently, though, these puppies are not super easy to find breeders.

It’s been 15 years since I got Turbo, so if you have any “must haves” for a puppy / dog, please let me know!

2 thoughts on “more about a puppy

  1. I forgot to ask/suggest this yesterday but did you ask to see pictures and or videos of the parents? That might help you with the information you’re looking for.

    Also no, you absolutely do not have to explain yourself or your decisions. 🙂

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    1. Good call. I just reached out and asked for photos / videos of the parents! I didn’t hear back yesterday from them, so I’m getting a little anxious thinking that there’s a reason they aren’t being sent to me.

      Thanks for having my back yesterday!


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