home organization and puppy searching

It’s crazy it’s already Thursday. I have been busy after work every night and I’m looking forward to that not being the case.

I did grocery pick up, ran some errands, met with a Scentsy friend for dinner. Tonight I still have one more errand to run and no plans the rest of the week / weekend. I got my spare bedroom finished and everything has a spot. It might not be the permanent one, but it’s in a spot for now!

I’m hoping to attempt to build my dresser from Ikea. I might tackle that tonight while watching the debate. I’m putting it off even though I want it done becuase I’m fearful I’ll run into some trouble with it.

My closets need some love and organization – but I’m holding off til I get the dresser built. It’ll all come together.

This is the last month [November] for double bills. A majority of them are very low, or even had a credit; that was thankfully applied to the new house’s bill. Then in November, my first mortgage payment. I’m still waiting for the deposit to be returned to me from the old place. But it will come.

I was pretty set on a dog earlier this week, but he sold. He’s in Ohio. I cannot seem to find any local breeders that don’t want $4000-5000! I’ll keep looking. The boss is right, training a pup in the fall isn’t so bad, they go out do their business and don’t mess around. I’d say I’m looking a little more seriously than I ever planned doing! We shall see. A winter with a pup would be kinda nice!

Two of my three vendor events have cancelled; understandably so. I think I’m going to have an open house at the new place. People will want to come snoop, and I can hopefully make some sales! I just need to hash out the details.

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