Quiet weekend.

I didn’t have much on the docket this weekend other than the revolving list of things to get done. My office is mostly done; which is a great feeling. I’m sure with time I’ll move a few things around but it works now.

I went to Mom’s last night to hang with them and the kids. Treyden had a fun puzzle we worked on for a bit then I headed home after we made homemade pizza.

Today I woke up and it was snowing! It didn’t stick but I’d really appreciate some fall first. I read for a little bit and finished up the office. I got some dishes put away and loaded the dishwasher.

A Scentsy customer stopped by this afternoon to pick up a few things, and I’ve not done much since. I’ve been watching 9-1-1 on Hulu. I’m finishing up the first season as I type this.

I am kind of in a weird place in that I need some help with a few things in the house; the keypad for my garage, I really think I’m going to have to call Overhead Doors for service. I can’t get the fire place on. I know they had to repair it with the sale of the house. I made sure the button was on. There’s a pilot lit and a knob to turn on the gas, I assume. I’m just nervous to do that without some direction or guidance.

The keypad for my garage… I’m not sure what to do, my clickers work. The code I was given to get in when I bought it worked, but then I tried to reset it, and clearly fucked up something. My cousin, Red was over to help for about a half hour. I tried watching a YouTube video, one guy failed. There’s another to try, but I haven’t mustered up the energy to do so! I’m comfy in my warm house.

I need to install my ecoBee thermostat – I’m told it’s easy but I’m growing more and more nervous to do so because it’s getting colder and I don’t want to fuck up anything and not being able to turn on the heat if need be.

I still need to figure out a rug situation for the living room. I have a few things I need to hang, That’s minor.

I also need to either suck it up and order a bigger trash can or wait it out and hope that it’s all just moving stuff.

I’ve been searching out breeders for a dog — I want a Bichpoo [Poochon] a bichon poodle mix. They are a little more curly haired than a Cavachon, that I originally thought I wanted. One place wants $4500. I refuse to spend that much on a dog. And before anyone wants to jump down my ass about not adopting; due to my allergies I have to go the breeder route, to know what I am getting. I hate that I have to wait until Spring because I don’t want to housebreak a dog in the winter or leave a pup home longer during my winter commute. If I get one in the Spring, the commute speeds up a bit due to students being gone and better weather. Then by winter 2021 the pup’s bladder will be able to hold it better. I am anxious and excited now… but I have to be patient. It will happen as it’s supposed to. I just wish for the companionship now.

Enough rambling…

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