It’s been a month!

It’s crazy to think it has been a month since I bought my house. I had this idea in my head that I was going to have everything put away and done in a month. I am so close. I probably have 4 boxes / totes to unpack. I know one is mostly decor things.

I have a lot of empty tubs in my garage, that I will likely fill with a few things now that I’ve got everything unpacked; because it wasn’t packed in a manner to store seasonally. I had my 3 smaller boxes of Christmas stuff in my vanity in my main bathroom [that I didn’t use] at the old place. Hey, gotta use space where you have it! It’s packed in one of these boxes I need to unpack; but I’m going to put it in an empty storage tote in the garage.

I have this list of things for Mom + Joe to help me with on Sunday and I am so excited for them to come up and see how everything is mostly together, except for what needs to be on the wall. Sounds like they are going to ask Luke and fam, too. I hope they can come.

Earlier this week a friend mentioned something about water that was out with her treats for the delivery drivers, and it reminded me that I had wanted to do that when I moved it, but it slipped my mind in the chaos that was the move. It’s been fun to see them on the doorbell camera read the sign and grab something. This morning I heard “hey they have a bunch of teats for the delivery drivers” I got a thumbs up this afternoon! I’m not expecting anything tomorrow so I’ll bring it in, so it doesn’t get buggy or anything. It’s the little things, it didn’t cost much to throw it together, and I used a basket I already had.

Tonight I’m hopeful to get the rest of the boxes / totes done and the place cleaned up. I have some time tomorrow too, before an evening appointment.

I have a hair appointment tomorrow, finally! It’s not until 5:30 but it’s about an hour and 45 minutes away, but it’s been 10 months and my hair needs some love!

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