Plans change but productivity still happens

Last night was another pretty much wasted night. Again, I had plans to put together all the things, but did not. I did however organize the things on my desk a bit and get lost in some crap on YouTube. It’ll work for now, until I get the file cabinet built, and then likely things will be moved around again.

Mom, Joe, and maybe Luke were going to come up Sunday to help hang things, not that I am incapable of doing it, but it’s just easier with an extra hand! I asked them to wait until next weekend. I’m hoping to get a new curtain rod for the living room bought so they can help hang that, and rehang the curtains as I’m hoping to throw ’em in the dryer and steam / de-wrinkle them somehow! My washer and dryer is fancy, I really need to browse the manual.

Emily and I had been tentatively planning a trip to IKEA, no real timeframe but we threw out “end of October” but I let her know I was feeling a bit overwhelmed. Maybe that’s not the best word, but then again maybe it is. I know I don’t have to have everything done, but I’m very much a get it all done kind of person. I know there is no due date on house stuff. The place is very livable, and if anyone were to come over they would understand that I moved in three weeks ago.

I am hopeful to have yet another productive weekend.

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