Peace out September

On Friday I had a terrible headache, this weekend I slowly found the floor in my living room. Monday I had a migraine all damn day that resulted in me crawling in bed by 7pm. Yesterday I left work early for a girly doc appointment, so I had a little extra time to tackle my office.

On deck tonight, more building. I believe I have a file cabinet, end table, and shelf. I’m most certain I am singlehandedly keeping USPS, Amazon, FedEx and UPS in business in my county. They have been at my house every day, every day since I have closed on the house at least one of them usually more than one. I’m thankful for the larger size recycle bin and that my old place is a few blocks away with a dumpster!

It has been a crazy month with Scentsy. One of my besties is SO so close to a team promotion and it has been the most fun cheering her on. She’s in California so the time change is a little difficult, I always want to text her back when I wake up but I don’t want to blast her at 4:30 in the morning! Tonight will be a whole other story… I think we’ll be all staying up waiting for it to happen! It’s so great to be part of something where women actually CHEER for other women vs tearing them down.

One of my favorite Nurse Managers just stopped by to pick up some things, and I mentioned that I am needing to sublet my condo, so I sent her the link to it, so she is going to share it with her nurses on her unit. I always forget that she has quite the large unit! I just feel weird asking but I need to remember they are my friends and want to help.

Okay, it’s time to sign out and head home to build some shit! Well, at least follow the directions and get pissed that everything uses allen wrench’s!

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