The check finally came

The biggest relief is that the check finally came. I got it deposited last night, but obviously it’ll take a few days to hit my account.

I have quite a bit saved in my cart on Amazon ready to check out; as well as a Lowe’s cart with the main floor half bath stuff, a screen door [because the fact that it opens the wrong way pisses me off every time I walk through it] and a ladder. I still need a file cabinet for my office, but I figure that can come in time.

I made some progress on the master bedroom closets. My spare bedroom closet is going to be the spot for storing all the things.

This weekend I’m mostly going to work on getting all the boxes / totes out of the dining room and living room.

I still haven’t hung anything on the walls because I’m nervous to do so, aside from the TV mount in my bedroom. I’m going to go the command strip / hook route for many things so I don’t jack up my walls. I do realize that some things need to be affixed with nails or screws. I’m just hoping to have some help with it so I don’t mess it up.

The antiques from mom’s will be coming October 3rd. The ice box [which will go in my living room], a hutch [which I’ll put in the dining room] and the rocking chair. Not sure where this is going to go yet but I’ll find a place for it. In time, I would love to get it recovered [reupholstered?] basically it has yellow flowery fabric and I want something plain or very minimal design on it.

I just wish the workday could be over and I could be at home getting shit done.

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