Just venting.

I’m so fucking mad I could cry. I have USPS Informed Delivery [it’s an app] that allows me to see what mail is coming for the day. I saw something from Shareholder Services, so I thought “Yes, finally it’s my stock sale check!” Nope, just another fucking form to fill out that I don’t have all the information for so I have to yet again, make another call and likely another appointment to get some pertinent information.

Of course Dad is so nonchalant about it, and doesn’t give a fuck. Meanwhile I have about $30 to my name until this check comes; which I’ll use for gas so I can drive to work. I swear, I’d rather buy a house 10 times over than try to sell fucking stock that should have been transferred to my name 20 years ago when I turned 18.

Thankfully I have the second desk to build today and an office to put together. And likely I’m going to have to borrow some more cash from my Mom to get through til payday on the 1st.

I guess it’s probably a good thing I have a few lamps to sell quickly on Facebook.

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