It’s coming together, slowly

Well, a lot of nothing has been done but I kind of feel like I’m making progress.

The lady is coming tomorrow to paint the entry way. I have mostly cleared the bar top in my kitchen, and I’m still working through dishes. I just felt the need to put them through dishwasher before I put them away — as I had some in second hand boxes and some in a few large totes. I think I have a few loads left. I think the dishwasher here is a bit smaller than the old place, but it does such a better job!

I did manage to clear out the dining room; mostly moved it to the living room but I do have some things sorted in a manner of where it goes.

I have a wall mounted large calendar coming today, and a few things from Amazon. I have one of my desks coming on tomorrow and one Saturday and then Monday my custom trunk for the entry way! I have no plans this weekend as far as I know, but I plan on getting everything put away.

I feel like after this weekend I should have a better grasp on things coming together. I’m HOPEFUL that my Mom can get the movers to move the ice box, hutch and rocking chair from her place up to mine soon. Then I could get some stuff put away in the ice box.

Next I am hoping to find some area rugs. I’m thinking something with cream + navy for the living room, and something small in front of the fireplace. Then I’d like maybe something with a deep / dark red + cream for under the table.

I do like this rug. The kitchen counters are a dark grey / charcoal color so it might not look so bad. I know they are a bit of an investment so I’d like to do some searching. This one is the red that I’m liking. But this is a lot more neutral and still has some color.

I know I will find one eventually. I really need to measure first and see just how big of one I want, first!

I just want to bring some color to the rooms as I have cream curtains — still not sure I like them, but Mom bought them and we shall see… They are room darkening and that’s fine for bedrooms but I’m not really feeling it for the living room and dining room.

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