I’ve hit a wall…

I feel like I didn’t do much yesterday but really I think I did. Today, I feel like I’ve hit the wall and haven’t had much motivation.

I was leery of my new mattress. It was much softer than my old one, and I felt like maybe I bought the wrong mattress… but I slept great and it was comfy. I even took a 45 minute nap earlier and it was just as comfy!

I was up early again today, but managed to do nothing. I made some breakfast, attempted to clean off my kitchen counter / bar top. I took down a shelf in my entryway [mudroom?] last night and spackled it. I knew I would need to do it one more time after it dried. I was all set to tape it and paint today but was defeated. I was asking two different people for tips and such and finally said fuck it and called the lady who did the touching up here for the sellers. She might be able to get me in on Friday – which would be great! But I’m not in a big hurry. Thankfully she lives a block away, and this isn’t a huge job by any means! And really, I’ve never painted outside of elementary and middle school, so someone coming in to do it is just what I need!

I tried to reset the garage keypad but failed but I’ll try again in a bit. My cousin, Red stopped by and helped me really quick with the spare bed, there was one part of the frame that I needed help attaching!

When he was looking around he said “why don’t you stack the washer and dryer?” which a few other friends had suggested it too – and it would make for much more room. My friend Amy sent me a picture of how hers are and I love it. Now I need to scour Pinterest and find a few images!

I took a quick nap, then met up with a Scentsy teammate to swap a few things. I’ve got dishes in the dishwasher going. I figured that my dishes that have been packed or in bags need to be washed before I find a home for them.

I really need to get my ass in gear and clean out all the stuff from my dining room as the table is being delivered on Saturday and I really don’t want to just move it to the living room. I think after I finish writing this I’ll tackle it. I think the reason I’m stalling is because I want some storage containers / bins / baskets to put some of it away and I’m just stuck. But I really just need to use what I have for now.

I said it last night and I’ve said it a few times today, as much as I have enjoyed being off work and taking the time to move and not be stressed, I’m ready to go back to work tomorrow. Mostly for the routine it provides. I feel like I will be more motivated when I get home to get some stuff put away. I’m to the point of only having a few boxes to unpack – most is in storage totes or not in anything at all.

I did get word that my stock money is coming in the form of a check, not a direct deposit as originally mentioned and it was sent out on Friday, so I should be getting it any day now. Big huge relief there!

Mom was going to call the moving company I used to move the hutch, rocking chair and ice box from her place up here. I am hoping to have the rocking chair recovered. Not a big fan of the fabric on it. But I’m not sure how expensive that is. Something tells me it’s pretty expensive! I am hoping to have this furniture sometime late September / early October. Then I can get some things put away in the ice box, and get it decorated. I still haven’t decided what I am hanging where.

I have this large American flag canvas that I had a spot for in my old place but I just don’t feel like it has a spot here. I think I’ll get a photo of it and list it on Facebook.

My walls are bare, I’ve not hung a damn thing but I’m anxious to do so but I want it to be what I want not what I am settling for.

Okay, I’ve sat long enough; time to get moving.

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