New Office!

I wasn’t super heartbroken when the hutch on the old desk wasn’t able to be removed and reattached. It served me well, but I was glad to get to buy something new.

My office currently. Use whatcha got until the new stuff comes in!.

I am going to make a pseudo L-shaped desk in the corner where the window is.

This is going to go on the wall with the window
This is going to go on the wall to the left.

I have a small printer stand that I’m not sure which side it will go on. I’m thinking to the right of the desk on the wall with the window; if the cords will reach! I think I’ll try to center monitor and see if there is room for my keyboard, comfortably.

With these two desks I can rearrange if I want to, and they shouldn’t be hard to move [but real talk, I don’t plan on moving anytime in the next 15 years!].

I ordered them from Amazon, and originally it said “arrival 9/24-10/2”. The piece with the bookshelf side shipped and is to be here on Friday. So the weekends plans are to get my office set up! I’m hopeful the other piece will ship soon.

The dining room table is going to be delivered on Saturday.

All of my stuff is out of the old place, which is the most glorious feeling. I keep saying that I am about 75% unpacked… I’d guess with the new mattress coming today that’ll make it feel more real. My master bathroom and linen closet is still not organized, but I think I need some sort of storage bins. Time will tell. I’m ready to have it together for people to come visit!

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