Slowly getting there.

I slept in til 6:30 yesterday, and then got to work. I got a load from my old place. I got the kitchen more organized and cleaned off the bar counter. I made some major progress in my living room and dining room [the dumping grounds!].

I took a shower then chilled for a bit. Luke, Jill + the kids came up then Mom + Joe weren’t too far behind! They helped me with a lot of things. They swapped my dining room light, installed my Ring doorbell camera, and mounted my TV in my bedroom.

Jill helped me with moving a few things around, and I like how it turned out. We went to supper then I went straight to the old place and loaded up some things. I got my living room TV and got that set up last night. I still have some things in my Equinox that didn’t make it into the house yet but I was pooped. I took a bath to calm my back down, found my heating pad and laid on that for a bit. I slept great!

Today I’ve managed to do next to nothing. I made some breakfast and have been planted on the couch. I need to get moving but I also want to lay back down for a bit. I am determined to have everything out of my condo by the end of the day. The guy who lives below me, moved out too and he filled up the dumpster. I think I have 5 trashbags that need to go down and a few other things – so hopefully it will be emptied tomorrow and I can toss a few things.

No plans today. Okay, I take that back, someone is coming by to get the shelving that I didn’t end up needing. I’m waiting to hear back as to what time. I think I’ll nap for a bit then dive in. I deserve it.

I have been putting off the linen closet, master bedroom + bathroom because I want to buy a few things. I really want to refinish my headboard, but I don’t have a sander, so it’ll have to be done another time.

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