Moved in!

It’s been a busy few days. I am mostly moved in. Work flew by on Tuesday, which was nice. I got some things packed before bed. I didn’t sleep so great, but I managed to fall back asleep for about an hour before my alarm went off.

I was at the closing a little early and I was at the wrong building. Luckily it was just a few blocks down and ironically, the sellers went to the wrong MidWestOne, too. They were so nice! I am so glad to have met them and thank them for letting me buy their house. I didn’t feel like I signed my name a lot, I guess I just anticipated more!

I was out of there by 9:45, only took 45 minutes. I was on my way. I came straight to the new house and walked around and cried, hah! I was so proud and holy shit this is mine. It still doesn’t feel real a day and a half later. I got everything unloaded out of my Equinox. Russell got here to paint [he sprayed it] the garage, so I ran over to my place to swap vehicles and get the UHual. I got a good portion of that unloaded. Mom showed up with some Pizza Hut, we ate quick and got to work! We went over to Tony’s to get some shelving he had. Turns out I didn’t need it so I gotta find someone who will scrap the metal. The wood I can get rid of at my dumpster, I think.

Mom was gone by 4ish, and I went home to take a shower. I was back and forth a bit and then showered and crashed hard by 9. I was up at 3 in the morning today, it was so stupid. I couldn’t fall back asleep so by 4:30 after I laid there tried to sleep, read for a while I said fuck it and got up. I made some cinnamon rolls and loaded up some more stuff in the Equinox. The movers were to be there at 8:30 and were a bit late due to an accident. But it only took them til 12:30 to have me loaded and unloaded. The crew I had was freaking awesome. They were also funny too, I enjoyed shooting the shit with them. My desk I’ve had most of the time I’ve lived in North Liberty went to dumpster heaven today. When the other moving company moved me from the tiny apartment to this condo, they affixed the hutch in a way that it cannot be removed and reattached. I was kind of wanting something different so I took a hammer and beat the piss out of it. It was great! The movers even took it to the dumpster for me!

It was only $475 to move EVERYTHING. I paid $558 to just move the big stuff with a different company. I would recommend NexLevel Moving ANY DAY!

Mom got here about noonish. The furniture store called to see if they could come earlier, so they were here and set up and out before 12:30.

Mom’s good friend, Cookie stopped over, she lives in town here. They helped me put up some different [and matching] curtains in the dining room and living room. Just some basic cream ones that happen to be black out ones. They match the walls pretty well. I just need a different rod for the living room.

There was a ring at the doorbell before South Slope arrived and I got a pretty flower boquet from Emily, it was so sweet. South Slope showed up a few minutes later, and got my internet all set up. I took a bath in my big ass tub! I can stretch all the way out in there and the back has a bit of a slope to it, that I can lean back!

I have my current bed set up in the spare room as it seemed smart to put it in there so I didn’t have to move it a few days later when the mattress comes, so I took a nap in there and slept great. I love love love that all the rooms have ceiling fans. Man I’ve missed that.

I got up about 6:30, ran to Target to get my pick up order, grabbed some Chinese and then ran to the condo to get a few things. I probably have two car loads to bring over and maybe a third to get a few things out of the garage. But I have time. The cleaning lady is coming on Monday to the old place, so I’m hoping to have everything out by Sunday at the latest. Then I’m going to ask her to swing over here so she could give me an estimate for cleaning this place like every other month to do the shit I hate! I’d rather have me give me an estimate while she’s here then I can decide if I want to or not!

I still don’t have the stock money yet… Monday will be 10 business days. I’m hopeful that it’ll be in there tomorrow. Mostly cuz I’d love to buy a new desk so it can be here before I go back to work, and a dining room table. It would be great motivation to get all this stuff put away and situated. But my luck, probably not.

I am going to go get paint tools to do the entry way. I was just going to do one wall but I’m just going to do the whole thing! I don’t think it’ll be that hard.

I would LOVE to get that done so my brother can help me hang a shelf on Saturday when he gets here.

I have a list of things I’d like to accomplish before I go back to work:

  • Get the locks changed [locksmith or on m own]
  • Make a few extra copies of the above keys
  • Change the code to the garage
  • Paint the entry way [or is it a mudroom?]
  • Hang the shelf in the entry way
  • Get my Ring camera installed [I have no clue how to do this]
  • If the money is here – order a furnace attached humidifier + schedule install
  • If the money is here – buy a desk + get the office in some sort of order

It’s just a bit after 10 and I’m yawning so I think I’m gonna go crawl in bed. I think I found a desk collection I like, but I just need to figure out where in the room I want it and which one I want.

I’m hopeful to wake up without an alarm tomorrow, go get my allergy shot to get that out of the way, and then dive in. I’m not sure if I want to get all the loads of crap at the condo first, then come back and have it all moved here and dive in. I guess it will depend on if it’s raining. I feel like the smart thing to do would be go get the rest of the stuff, come back here and shower, then dive in. I think my cousin, Red might stop by tomorrow if he’s working in the area. Otherwise I have no appointments, no plans other than get shit done.

I tried to take photos of the place empty. There never was a sold sign on the realtor sign in my yard. I didn’t take any pics of me signing all the paperwork, I just took a picture of the folder with the keys. I think I’ll make an album on FB, but we shall see.

One thought on “Moved in!

  1. Once you get past the intimidation of installing the ring doorbell, it’s actually very easy!! YouTube helped me quite a bit but just diving in a doing it was the hardest part. Good luck!!


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